March 10
Belkin Expands USB Line
SCSI, ADB adapters among forthcoming offerings

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Belkin Components, Compton, Calif., says it will expand its USB line with at least seven new products over the next year. These new modules will complement the BusStation (pictured), a modular system that allows users to create custom, multifunction hubs. An Apple Desktop Bus (ADB) adapter will be released April 1, along with a PS/2 adapter.

Belkin also plans to bring SCSI, IrDA, Video and Audio Capture, a 56K Modem, Bluetooth and HPNA modules to market over the course of the year. The company says the new modular solutions will feature expandability, compatibility and functionality, and each will perform independently and in conjunction with the USB BusStation. The ADB adapter allows users to connect Mac ADB devices to support multiple keyboard and mouse configurations.

Pricing for the newly announced devices was not available at press time.

Belkin says it has a 65.9 percent market share in USB connectivity products and wants to bring that up to 80 percent by the end of the year.

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