March 8
ATI To Reveal Details of New 3D Scheme
New architecture to deliver 1 gigatexel rendering engine

by David Nagel
Senior producer

ATI Technologies today announced they would deliver the details on their forthcoming 3D architecture later this week at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif. The company previewed the new technology, saying it wpould deliver a tenfold performance increase over current systems.

Included in the announcement were hints at two new components of the architecture:

  • The Charisma Engine, a geometry processing unit that incorporates game character acceleration for 3D skinning and key-frame character animation. These effects are designed to enable game characters to reveal life-like facial expressions and to achieve fluid movement and motion.
  • The Pixel Tapestry architecture, which features the first gigatexel rendering engine and includes support for deep multitexturing and new 3D effects.

Further details will be announced March 10 (Charisma) and March 1 (Tapestry). Qualifying developers can pick up a white paper on the technology at ATI's booth at the show.

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