March 8
Apple Blocks iMac Knockoffs
Daewoo, eMachines get international injunctions

by David Nagel
Senior producer

Apple says it's finalized its cases against Daewoo and eMachines by securing a worldwide injunction against the two companies that prevents them from manufacturing, distributing, selling or promoting their iMac lookalikes. The computers affected are the Daewoo E-Power and the eMachines eOne. Both bore a striking resemblance to the iMac and were even supposed to be marketed with a five-color scheme like the iMac. A U.S. Federal Court in San Jose also granted an injunction against Future PowerÕs distribution or sale of the E-Power computer.

Apple settled its iMac trade dress litigation with K.K. Sotec in Japan in January. Under the terms of the settlement, Sotec is prohibited from manufacturing, selling or exporting the eOne personal computer.

As of today, the eMachines eOne, a Celeron-based machine, was still available through online catalogs. The E-Power was nowhere to be found.

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