Digital Abstract Expressionism
A conversation with artist Jean Detheux

Somewhere in a small village on a small farm in a rather remote part of eastern Canada, there lives an artist with his family. I'm still not entirely clear on exactly where he lives—somewhere roughly between Montréal and Toronto—but I am sure that there isn't regular mail service and that when foul weather hits I don't hear from him for a week or so, as preparations have to be made for taking care of the food, most of which he and his family grow themselves. I also know that the wild animals in the area tend to help themselves to his food, and, despite my advice to the contrary, he refuses to eat them back in reprisal, as he is a vegetarian. Read More

Stroking a Path with Gradients and Motion Blurs
sing the Stroke Path command in conjunction with tool options in Adobe Photoshop

A long time ago, I mentioned that I was looking for a way to simulate a motion blur in Photoshop. I don't mean just a simple motion blur like the one you find in the Filter menu. I mean a more versatile blur, one that would allow me to blur in multiple directions. In other words, a motion blur along a path. Well, I just might have found the answer. You decide. Read More

Prodigal Mac: Stranger in a Strange Land
How a 'quick trip' to the Apple Store left me considerably lighter in the wallet

Since there are only a smattering of Apple-branded stores strewn across this great land of ours, I imagine that a good many of you out there have not had the opportunity to actually set foot inside of one. Oh, I'm sure you've seen pictures or heard stories, some of which have grown to mythic proportions. "Steve Jobs personally mans the cash register at every store!" "They have 400,000 software titles just for the Mac there!" "I heard that the employees can smell the rank stench of Windows on you, so be careful!" "My God, it's full of stars!" Read More


The Foundry's Tinderbox 2
Visual effects filters for Adobe After Effects

There are really two categories of visual effects plugins for compositing applications. You have canned special effects and general-purpose image manipulation tools. Neither one is inherently superior to the other. But, in large part, canned special effects have limited applications for professional use. After all, once a special effect has been used in a widely distributed piece, subsequent uses are just copies. On the other hand, there is the fact that so many general image manipulation tools offer sub-par quality and dubious usefulness. Read More

Toon Boom Bummer
OCTOBER 17—Anticipated OS X 10.1 patch delayed

LightWorks Renderer Comes to OS X
OCTOBER 17—Carbon apps now incorporating OS X renderer

Epson Intros Six-Color Inkjet
OCTOBER 17—2,880 DPI printer sells for $99 with rebate

Apple Beefs Up Portables
OCTOBER 16—PowerBook Titanium hits 667 MHz

Olympus To Release C-3020 Digital Camera
OCTOBER 15—Point and shoot model offers 3.2 megapixel resolution

Deneba Ships Canvas 8 Pro for Mac OS X
OCTOBER 15—New release includes 'hundreds' of enhancements

Harald Heim Releases Textures, Stock Collection
OCTOBER 15—High-res image collections sell for $29.95

Toon Boom To Release OS X 10.1 Patch Thursday
OCTOBER 12—Update to fix problem with saving

All-Mac Santa Monica Training Facility Opens Saturday
OCTOBER 11—Free digital media seminars at grand opening

Mutoh To Deliver 86-Inch, 2,880 DPI Printer
OCTOBER 10—Wide-format models to be shown off this week