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Talkin' Smack: The Hog Is Dead! Long Live the Hog!

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Good question, dear reader. But bad timing. I don't know. I mean, obviously I'll try to con Tim into contributing some pieces. And I do have a 520c of my own sitting around just gathering oxides. I suppose I could fire it up and do a little pulpiteering myself.

"A 520c? Dude, you suck."

I know. Hey, now that I think about it, you suck, reader. You know why? Two months ago I asked you to write my boss and tell him to buy me a new PowerBook, and you and all your funny little buddies out there wrote in and told him to buy me a peecee notebook instead. If it weren't for you, I could be taking over the Road Hog column this week, and there'd be no problems.

Dare I try this again? After all, there's now a better argument for my boss to buy me one, what with the new $200 rebate on PowerBooks purchased before Dec. 31. Hmm. I wonder what this means. Could it be ... new PowerBooks at Macworld in January? We'll have to see. (The Cube is also getting a $300 discount.) Plus the PowerBooks have received a couple of improvements when the new iBooks were announced. A PowerBook is now actually looking like a good deal.

So the question is really whether I can trust you to send the right message to my boss.

Alas, I can't. Let's move on to the next topic.

QuickTime 5 live in real time
So, of course you heard about the public preview release of QuickTime 5, announced at the QuickTime Live conference last week. I'll get to the conference in a bit. First let's look at what the new QuickTime means to you and me.

Probably the most significant change is the addition of real-time capabilities for Final Cut Pro. You and I both know that something hasn't been going right in the real-time department over there in Cupertino. Apple promised us real-time capabilities back at NAB in April, supposedly showing up some time in the summer. Well, summer came and went, and it wasn't until fall when we got our public beta. Now Apple claims that the public beta was, in fact, what it was talking about all along and had no intention of putting out a full release of QuickTime 5.

Very doubtful.

Remember that this summer was also supposed to see the release of the Matrox RT Mac, the first single PCI solution for doing dual-stream uncompressed capture and real-time effects for the Mac. And it was supposed to use QuickTime and Final Cut Pro at its core. But first Final Cut Pro needed real-time capabilities, which was, of course, out of the hands of Matrox. You think Matrox planned on releasing this sub-$1,000 super card built around beta software? I think not.

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