High on the Hog: Tim Wilson, author of our Road Hog column, chomps down on the original Apple Portable at his final roast here at Creative Mac as he prepares to exit as a front man for Boris FX. We figured he would have wanted it this way. Also pictured in the grass skirts are (left to right) Stephen Schleicher, producer of Video Systems; Harold Russell, producer of Millimeter; and [name and title deleted from the Book of the Living].

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Talkin' Smack: The Hog Is Dead! Long Live the Hog!

A PowerBook user moves on; Mac prices come down; QuickTime goes live

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]anet.com

The slack life of the dotcom billionaire suits me just fine. It's a sedentary lifestyle, one that affords me the opportunity to build a wall of Mac hardware around me. I sit around in my shorts all day, writing stories about the Mac and figuring out ways to attach more and more blinking lights to the racks and shelves of Mac peripherals that surround me in my command console. It's comfortable; it's safe; and it's my dream job. For you see, I am a fat, lazy man with mutton chops.

But there are those who simply can't sit still—the mobile infantry of the Mac warrior class. These are the PowerBook users, otherwise known as Road Hogs. For them, the greatest glory lies in territories yet unconquered, bringing law to the lawless—Macs to the Macless—on the road defending the weak and taking the Good Word to the heathens of Windowsdom.

Such a one is Tim Wilson, a True Knight of the Black Apple, author of our weekly column entitled Road Hog. For a couple months now, Road Hogs around the world have hearkened to Tim's sagacity to guide them through the perilous paths that lie before all true crusaders, like an army of the faithful marching eastward at the urging of a mediaeval bishop.

But unfortunately for all of us, the undergarments of the PowerBook priesthood proved too confining for a man who needs to swing free and loose (and to the left, as his avid readers will already know). And so this week the High Hog Himself takes to the road once again, his PowerBook on his lap (which always kind of creeped me out) and a pistol in each boot.

This time around, Tim's talents will be put to use by the good folks of Boris FX, traveling the world to show off the latest in the world of compositing and animation. (I'm sure he'll drop in a good word or two for the Mac while he's at it.)

May the wind be at your back and the falcon at your breast, Tim Wilson. And always keep your crossover cable at the ready. You will be missed.

Discounts and such
"So Dave," you say, "You're kind of reamed, running a Mac site without anybody to speak for the PowerBook users. What do you plan to do for us?"

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