Boldly To Go

by David Nagel
Senior Producer

In its final mission in the service of mankind, the Macintosh Enterprise C, pictured here with its saucer section disengaged, zooms toward the Neutral Zone in answer to an emergency beacon sent by another G4-class cruiser. When it arrived, it found the G4 (The USS Macintosh HD) embroiled in a battle with a Romulan NT proxy server. It was too late. So the captain of the Macintosh Enterprise beamed down to the nearby planet, showed off some of his technology and ruled as a god for the rest of his artificially prolonged life.

This image was created in Photoshop. The saucer section of the ship is a composite of several parts of a G4, which was then shaded with the airbrush tool and given a texture in Paint Alchemy. The planet and moon were just drawn with an airbrush tool and given a mild touch of Paint Alchemy. The glow in the background was created with KPT 6 Lens Flare.

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Dave Nagel is the brand spankin' new Senior Producer of Creative Mac. An eight-year veteran of the print publishing world, Nagel covered a broad range of topics in the areas of technology and marketing. As a Mac psychofanatic since 1987, he's finally landed his dream job: earning a living writing about his favorite topic. If you have something to say, please send a polite e-mail to [email protected]. (Let's not try to bring him down from his euphoria too soon.)