by David Nagel
Senior Producer

I never did see Strawberry again. I heard she's working a truck stop out in Barstow. Total meth freak. As for me, it turns out there was an antidote to the Western Digital poison: a liberal return policy at Microcenter, where we bought the original G4. We exchanged it for a new model, which is also equipped with a Western Digital. I guess I just don't know how to quit while I'm ahead.

In the meantime, I've moved on to several new crimes, such as the case of the stolen GUI. I've also taken on some charity work and now spend a lot of my free time helping out Bryce refugees. Sad story, that one. But it'll have to wait for another time.

As far as the artwork goes, this piece was based on a pulp detective magazine called The Phantom Detective. The woman was drawn freehand in Photoshop with airbrush and paintbrush tools. I applied several filters to the dress, including Texturizer and about a million others I can't recall. To give her skin a more ... well ... skin effect, I applied Unrestored Oil Painting and then faded it it down to about 30 percent. Her hair used a ton of nameless filters. The most significant was Plastic Wrap. I then went in and adjusted the color balance to give the hair a richer feel. (It was originally a dark brown.)

For the picture of me, I desaturated the image and then adjusted the color balance. Then I applied some Lighting Effects, Glowing Edges and a few other filters, including Water Color.

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