Creative Union:
edgeX and Bakery Digital Offer State-of-the-Art Motion Graphics and Audio Production Under One Roof

By Jennifer Champagne

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Looking for that one stop shop? A place to go where audio meets visual? Well, look no more. Motion design firm edgeX studio and music recording/sound post production house Bakery Digital Sound & Vision have melded their efforts to bring these resources to you all under one roof.

Bakery Digital's CEO Andy Waterman, a 10-year veteran of the music and sound recording industry, had always wanted to expand Bakery Digital to include visual services. So when fate brought about a meeting with edgeX studio co-founders Judith James and Karen Numme at a Christmas party in 1998, envisioning them as creative liaisons, he offered the savvy studio principals a "strategic alliance."

"We saw all kinds of possibilities in opening out the visual end, along with the advantage of being able to offer our motion graphics clients phenomenal sound capabilities," explains James of the union. Accepting the offer, they moved in shortly after NAB in 1999.

"Since then Bakery Digital has expanded like crazy," continues Numme. "All of the creative stations are Mac-based, including two G3's in our graphics suite and eight ProTools stations along with the newly installed Avid 9000."

"One of the reasons we hit it off with Andy was that everyone's vision has as much to do with talent as technology. The people are the real assets here. The promise of our alliance with Bakery Digital has always been that we can combine excellence of design with technical expertise," states James. "edgeX studio sees itself as design-driven, not strictly post-production. Whether we're doing a website, a music video, a promo, a DVD or a CD package, design is what edgeX offers."

This audio/visual union has other benefits as well. "edgeX has had the privilege of designing Bakery Digital Sound & Vision's identity literally across all media, including the exterior sign, the logo on the awning, the animated logo for their demo reel, all of their print and publicity, several of their CD labels, and now, their website," states Numme. "All I can say is -- who knew?"

"We like to think that we are extending motion graphics to the web, whether as Flash animations or as the graphics for streaming video," adds James.

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