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iBook. Yawn.

Look, it's yawning!

Road Hog:
Road Hog Blues
iGnoring iBooks, sussing SmartSound and facing the music

by Tim Wilson
Man About Town™
[email protected]

A couple of folks I bumped into this week asked me what I thought of the new iBooks introduced at the Paris Expo. Dramatically more powerful than their predecessors, they feature a 466 MHz...zz..zzzzzzzz.....

Sorry. Must have dozed off for a minute there. Were you saying something?

I didn't think so.

Regular readers of Road Hog can guess how many entries in another week's voluminous mailbag were on the topic of the new iBooks. That's right, not a danged one. Road Hog's readers know how to see through the hype and, most important, know they don't need a computer shaped like a toilet seat.

Look, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with the iBook. They deserved to be the best selling portable computer in the world before, which they were, and they've only gotten better.

Sort of. Top speeds of 466 MHz, DVD and video out all sound good, but they don't hold up under scrutiny. The clock speed gets diminished by a smaller cache and a system bus fully one third smaller than the current Road Hog (66 MHz on the iBook versus 100 MHz on Pismo). The DVD isn't removable, meaning no second battery, no Zip drive, no expansion bay hard drive. The video is composite only (no S-video or VGA), provides mirroring only (no spanning desktop) and uses a non-standard connector, so you'll need an adapter cable.


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