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Frayed nerves: It actually looks worse this week, but help is apparently on the way.


Road Hog: Shoot ’Em in the Knee

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The Mail Bag 1: Fiery Wires
I've been delighted to hear from so many Road Hogs as this column has taken off, and encourage everyone to keep writing. I'm especially looking forward to hearing from you kids who were able to take advantage of Apple's trade-up offer described in these very pages.

Last week I wrote about what seems to me to be a clear manufacturing defect in Apple's otherwise excellent AC adapter. Dave Newman was one of several folks who wrote in describing the exact same problem and was as distressed as I was to hear that I'd been told by Apple tech support that the unit wasn't being covered under warranty.

Is it the Power of the Road Hog, Dave? I just don't know, but I can tell you that not three hours after last week's Road Hog hit the street, I got a phone call from a supervisor at Apple who apologized profusely and said that the fellow I spoke to was mistaken, that the fraying on the AC adapter is covered, both for the one that came with my computer, and the extra one I bought to keep plugged in at the office.

He really was a nice guy, so I'm not going to bust his chops here, but we spent a while talking about the details of the situation, including the fact that one of my fraying adapters never leaves its cozy home. While it's admittedly frayed less than the one I carry with me, it's falling apart too, and neither in a part of the cable that should be bearing any stress. He was definitely NOT on the record with me, and he didn't come out and say it, but I got the distinct impression that Apple is going to be evaluating these units pretty carefully as they come in.

The next step from here is Apple's very efficient advanced exchange tango: You give them a credit card to secure the new unit, which they send right out, and you send back the old one in the enclosed box with pre-paid shipping label.

So you kids make sure to check your adapters, especially if you're still under warranty. No word yet on the fate of those out of warranty, alas, but the rest of you should call Apple at 800-500-7078 to follow up.


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