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OPINION September 6 , 2000
Road Hog: FireWire and Fiery Wires

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Using my Road Hog as much as I do, I'm aware of its ergonomic limitations, one reason why I so heartily recommend a mouse over the touchpad. The growing pain in your neck will tell you that there's a better way to position your PowerBook than flat, and that's to reverse incline it, to decline it, if you will, by adding risers under the FRONT end, rather than the back.

Here's what else I like: It's only $29.95. As far as I can tell, you can only order through, and it comes with free domestic shipping from New Hampshire, where it's manufactured.

(The ironic and perverse, which is almost all of you, if my mailbag is any indication—and hey, I love that about you—should note this little detail. When I lived in Boston, we referred to that state as New Hamster, and Outpost had a commercial that appeared to shoot gerbils out of a cannon. Get it? Gerbils. New Hamster. It really is a small, tasteless world.)

PowerPrint Mobile Edition
While you're at Outpost, take a gander at PowerPrint Mobile Edition. If you do a lot of printing on the road, you know that many hotels and airports that offer courtesy office equipment almost always have only peecee printers. That's also true of a lot of my clients, alas. You probably get around this the same way I do, which is to send a fax just to have SOMETHING on paper, but there's a much better way.

PowerPrint Mobile Edition from InfoWave Software includes a USB to Parallel cable and a customized installer feature that makes it easy to access more than 1,600 peecee printers. That's virtually all of them: laser, inkjet, dot-matrix and specialty printers.

Yeah 1,600 of 'em, and they almost all look like crap because Windows looks like crap. But when it's all you have, this is all you need. A very, very impressive accomplishment. For only $95 from our pals at Outpost, you get the software, the adapter cable, a retractable phone cord and that other bit of indispensable Road Hog hardware, an Ethernet crossover cable. Oh yeah, and free overnight shipping. Gotta love it.

Finally, I have to thank all of you for continuing to write in. Keep 'em coming. Next week will include a dip into the mail bag, along with some other goodies. Assuming I'm not consumed by fire before then.

Tim Wilson, Man About Town™, is the Producer of Plug-in Central, one of the Core Connections here at Digital Media Net. Saddle up and write him at [email protected].


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