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OPINION August 23, 2000
Road Hog: Code Name Phoenix

A flaming good deal on 5300 trade-ins

by Tim Wilson
Man About Town™
[email protected]

Well, it appears that Steve Jobs took last week's Road Hog to heart. He agrees with me that the G3 PowerBooks kick ass and the 5300 should have its ass kicked, and lordy has he got a deal for you: Trade in the smoldering corpse of your 5300 for a new G3/400 Pismo PowerBook for only $1,799. While they're trading stuff in, they can swap the name Pismo (Pismo? What's next? Cucamonga?) for one that makes sense: Phoenix, the PowerBook that rose from the flames.

You'll recall that the PowerBook 5300, the first Apple portable to sport a PowerPC chip, was prone to lighting up in No Smoking Zones, like, for instance, your freakin' lap. Having your computer burst into flames while your PC-loving pals look on in horror before they wet their pants laughing isn't nearly as much fun as it sounds, but you can count on them to buy the next round of tequila right afterward because your wallet just went up in smoke.

The problem is that these 5300s just aren't that old—released five years ago this very week, in fact—and some folks have extended warranties that are still valid for another two years. It seems that the fine folks at AppleCare have been burning through the spare parts on these bad boys, and the bills are piling up faster than dead 5300s.

(I should mention that 190s are also part of this deal, and that the appropriate model PowerBook is eligible for trade-in regardless of whether it works or not. Apple's not plugging them; they're tossing 'em out.)

So let's do a little math. The price they're offering is roughly $700 off the price of a G3/400 FireWire, so Apple's gambling that they'll spend more than that in either cash or pain for each unit still on the still on the street, so that it will either be cheaper or less painful to torch the rest of that sorry lot and outfit their former masters with one of the finest portable computers ever to walk the streets of this proud land. As judge and jury, I declare Apple's karmic debt paid in full.

Here's all you do: Call Apple at 1-800-500-7078, and give them the serial number on your 5300 or 190. They'll send you a FedEx shipping label in short order, although you'll have to go your local FedEx depot to pickup an appropriate box.

Now, you might be asking, why don't I just ship this thing in a plain pine box suitable for proper burial? Because this is the same box you'll be getting your new one in, so plan accordingly. Insert your own, pithy Circle of Life type-metaphor-thing here.

I hope I don't have to tell you this, but I will anyway: Back it up, strip the RAM and anything else you can think of, because you're not getting it back. You'll get your new one as soon as Apple sends your old one straight back to the Pit of Hell from whence it came, which apparently can't be soon enough for them.

This offer runs out when August does, so don't wait around.



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