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Alias|Wavefront Maya Paint Effects

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Those supplied in the basic set offer a great range of brushes, from metal and fibers to trees, foods and flesh. Each effect can be customized to produce infinite variety. So let's take a look at some of what's included.

  • Airbrush: This set includes a number of airbrush effects for creating basic strokes.
  • Alien: The Alien set includes odd shapes and patterns, including mutated plants and some other unnatural effects.
  • Animals: This includes just one brush—garter snake.
  • Clouds: The produce—you guessed it!—cloud effects. They require a lot of tweaking to achieve the photorealism of the other effects in this package.
  • Electrical: This includes lightning and spark effects.
  • Feathers: Includes downs, fluffy feathers and variegated feathers.
  • Fibers: Includes rope, twine, wicker, etc.
  • Fire: Various styles of fire.
  • Flesh: Ever feel like grossing out your friends and family? This is the set for you. From mounds of fingers to twisted yards of hairy arms to less than medically sound incisions, this one has it all. Quite disgusting. Gotta love it.
  • Flowers: In stark contrast to the Flesh category, these brushes produce lovely little stands of flowers, ranging from daisies to roses.
  • Food: This category, like Flesh, can produce some disgusting results as well, from raw meat to corn on the cob.
  • Fun: This category has a little bit of everything in it, from confetti to bricks. Hey, sounds like a party to me.
  • Galactic: Includes space stuff.
  • Glass: Includes glass stuff.
  • Glows: Includes various glowing shapes, from fibre optics to aurora borealis.
  • Grasses: Includes things that grow in fields, like corn, dry grass, lawn grass, etc.
  • Hair: Includes several hair styles, like dreadlocks and kinky red hair. Very nice for creating Spirograph-style designs as well.
  • Liquid: This has water effects. It's actually not all that photorealistic a category, as you might have noted from the waterfall in the sample QuickTime movie from page 1. But it can be tweaked for some interesting results.
  • Markers: These brushes create the effect of markers (as in Magic Markers).
  • Metal: This category offers some nice brushes that can be used to create chainlink fences, gold chain necklaces, tubing and other metal objects. Quite nice.
  • Oil: This set draws strokes reminiscent of brush strokes from an oil painting.
  • Paper: Creates fiber effects from paper and canvas materials.
  • Pastel: Creates pastel strokes.
  • Pens: Creates pen strokes.
  • Plants: Offers a number of plant effects, like brambles, pine cones, leaves, etc.
  • Trees: Does just what the name says. The basic pack includes ferns, pine trees and birches.
  • Underwater: Has a lot of underwater effects, from bubbles to aquatic life forms.
  • Watercolor: Creates watercolor strokes.
  • Wet in Wet: Creates wet effects.

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