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Terran Interactive's Cleaner 5

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Performance improvements
In general, Cleaner 5 receives a number of performance enhancements. Terran says the whole video engine has been reworked for better speed and output. It also gains Velocity support on the Power Mac G4. Terran has said that although the initial release of Cleaner 5 would not include coding specifically for dual-processor G4s, it did pick up some incidental speed gains anyway. At this point I can't give you any quantitative results of tests between Media Cleaner Pro 4 and Cleaner 5 because I don't have any. Nor have I tested it on a dual-processor Mac. (We'll have to see how good Santa Claus thinks I've been this year before I can start providing those kinds of tests.)

Cleaner 5 also lifts the 2 GB barrier on movie files, allowing you to encode files of any size, provided you have enough disk space.

Format support
Cleaner 5 reads and writes more formats than before. In terms of video, it can read DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QuickTime and AVI, and it can write DV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, QuickTime, RealSystem 8 and Windows Media.

In terms of audio, it can read AIFF/AIFC, AU, Audio CD (Mac only!), DV, MP3, QuickTime, Sound Designer II and WAV. (Note that it can pull an audio file straight off an audio CD on the Mac. The file is then saved in a folder on you hard drive for later processing, if desired.) It can save audio in AIFF, DV, MP3, QuickTime, RealSystem 8, System 7 Sound, Wave and Windows Media formats.

Cleaner 5's output panel showing supported formats.

It can also read animated GIFs, Flash files, FLC/FLI, PICS and series of still images and output to FLC and image sequences. Finally, it can read just about any still image format (but not CMYK images) and output to BMP, JPEG/JFIF, PICT, PNG and QTIF (QuickTime Image File). What's more, Cleaner 5 lets you convert between certain formats without loss or recompression, such as QuickTime to AVI.

What else is new?
I can't go into detail about every new feature found in Cleaner 5. So here's the quick and dirty on the rest of the goodies you'll find in the new version.

  • Improvements on its existing A/V filters like adaptive noise reduction and new processing options, such as adaptive deinterlace, temporal noise reduction and others.
  • Improvements in its handling of AVI files, according to Terran. (I never mess around with anything but QuickTime, including for this review, because nothing matches QuickTime's quality, compatibility or features.)
  • Inverse Telecine (3:2 Pulldown), which works regardless of editing and effects that are added after the transfer and requires no user intervention.
  • You can now override base settings with a settings modifier applied in the Project window. This allows you to assign a single base setting to a range of files and then modify aspects unique to each source, such as color correction and filtering, without having to create multiple new settings.
  • You can now specify in/out times in the Advanced Settings window.
  • Finally, you can now skip items in your batch without removing them completely from your batch list.

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