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Terran Interactive's Cleaner 5

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There are two limitations to this. First, actions in Cleaner 5 are not recordable, so all of your scripting will need to be manual. And, second, there are very few prefabricated scripts currently available. As Cleaner 5 proliferates, however, you can expect users to start sharing their scripts on the Web. And Terran provides a few on their Web site right now.

Batch processing
It can also batch process files—up to 2,000 in a single batch. Version 5 adds a Batch menu, which lets you handle a number of batch functions (a lot like the Process menu in Media Cleaner Pro 4), from specifying batch settings to setting the default destination.

Custom destinations, by the way, can include FTP servers. Cleaner 5 includes a window for entering your login information, which can be saved and labeled. You can also specify multiple remote destinations. And each item in a batch can have a unique destination, remote and local.

Video ins and outs
Also unlike Media Cleaner Pro 4, Cleaner 5 ships with MotoDV for capturing video through the FireWire port and bringing it straight into Cleaner 5 without further processing. It's a nice touch, but not particularly critical. What I think is even more important is Cleaner 5's integration with other video editing applications. Adobe Premiere, for example, can export directly to Cleaner 5 with the click of a few buttons, opening up the application automatically. So can a number of Avid systems, including Symphony 3, Media Composer 10, Film Composer 10, XPress 4 and XPress DV 1.5. And, of course, you get direct integration with Media 100i.

Adobe Premiere 5.1's Export Movie Settings dialog allows for direct export to Cleaner 5. A number of other editing systems do as well, including Media 100i and several Avid systems.

Direct Export is not supported in Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effects. But documentation is available on Terran's Web site for optimizing output from these applications (and others) for working in Cleaner 5.

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