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Terran Interactive's Cleaner 5

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Using EventStream in Cleaner 5 is simplicity itself. Like Media Cleaner Pro 4, Cleaner 5 has a project window that shows you the source movie you're working on and the settings you'll be applying to it. It also includes a pane for EventStreams. Just go to the frame where you want the event to occur, click the Edit button, and the EventStream window opens, allowing you to select the event you want to occur at the present time. You can also select the time of the event within the EventStream window manually. Time is expressed in milliseconds, rather than SMPTE. To create an event for the current frame, click the Add button, and you're presented with a pull-down menu for selecting the type of event. Enter in all of your data, and you're done. To add another event, just click the Add button again.

Cleaner 5's EventStream window. EventStream, new in version 5, allows you to set interactive events within a movie in QuickTime, Real and Windows Media formats.

Incidentally, the EventStream window also allows you to add custom labels to each event, which can help you remember what each event does. The labels are not encoded into the final file, but they can be saved for future reference. Events can also be exported for tweaking in an XML editor or text application, for those of you daring enough to try it.

So what else does Cleaner 5 have?

Well, as if EventStream weren't enough, it's also fully scriptable through AppleScript on the Mac and DCOM on Windows. I wouldn't know anything about the latter, but, through AppleScript, an awful lot can be automated. For example, you could create a script that automatically launches Cleaner 5, encodes it in four different formats with 12 different codecs, names each one individually and uploads them all to your server just by dropping a movie file into a folder. You could also create one that automatically enters author and copyright information. You could create one that automatically sends you an e-mail each time a movie is encoded on your network. You could even set up a render farm though an AppleScript, letting each machine on a network monitor a given folder. Or all of the above.

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