Boris FX Launches Effects Suite Boris RED

Boris RED is the first plug-in that combines 3D title animation and compositing effects into a plug-in suite application that integrates seamlessly into non-linear online finishing systems.

Created for editing professionals in commercial television postproduction, Boris RED allows users to create sophisticated 3D composites using new "Z-Space" containers for intersecting video layers in true 3D space. RED also includes complete title effects and animation functionality, which can be expanded by using compatible Adobe After Effects plug-ins all within a non-linear online "host".

Designed to function as more than just a simple filter or "plug-in," Boris RED provides a seamlessly integrated effects and titling environment. Beta testers using Boris RED have found it simplifies their effects creation workflow while increasing their creative options. Beta tester Scott Ogden, senior editor at the Ant Farm, a top trailer house in LA, said: "Adding RED to an Avid system expands my creative options. The combination of extensive text animation controls, color correction, and blurring effects make Boris RED one of the most powerful plug-in additions you can purchase for an Avid system."

Feature highlights in Boris RED include:

  • Resolution Independent 3D Text Creation. Boris RED delivers extruded 3D text creation functionality complete with advanced controls for bevel, lights and texture mapping. Individual letters can be kerned for precise alignment. Once typed, words can be extruded, resized, rotated in 3D space and texture mapped with video or colors. Boris RED 3D Text creation provides integrated light sources for creating realistic animated lighting effects.
  • Comprehensive 3D Title Animation. Boris RED's resolution independent title animation module can create multi-page rolls and crawls or more sophisticated title treatments such as individual character animation with animated tracking, light sources and video texture mapping. RED's extensive title capabilities are integrated with over 50 effect filters and DVE distortions.
  • Z-Space - True 3D Environment. Animate unlimited DVE layers in true 3D space. Layers can intersect and pass through each other using high quality full scene anti-aliased rendering. Each object can receive and cast soft edge shadows allowing for a more realistic 3D environment.
  • Advanced Effects Creation Capabilities. Boris RED builds upon the award winning technology of the Boris FX 4.0 and Boris AE 3.0. Compositing features include, advanced keying technology, spot color correction, 3D motion blur per layer, displacement mapping, curvilinear distortions, natural effects, lighting tools, mattes, blurs, and a new "Z-Space" container for animating multiple DVE objects in true 3D space.
  • Support for After Effects Plug-ins. Boris RED has a built in support for Adobe After Effects compatible plug-ins. This allows editors to take advantage of a wider range of effects and compositing plug-in tools not currently available for non-linear finishing systems.

Pricing and Availability

Boris RED will be available to customers next week through resellers world-wide with an MSRP $1995.00 USD.

Boris FX Information

Founded in 1995, and based in Boston MA, Boris FX is known for it's Boris FX product line and is the industry for compositing and effect plug-in technology serving the broadcast, film, and multimedia production markets. For more information, contact Boris FX at 617.451.9900 or visit the Boris FX web site at

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