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Video Tutorial: Cornerpinning in Adobe After Effects

Distorting Illustrator text to achieve a Star Wars effect

by Brian Maffitt
Total Training

Editor's Note: We're kicking off a new weekly series of video tutorials for you creative Mac professionals out there. These tutorials are provided to us by Total Training, a firm specializing in providing creatives with the help they need to get the job done. They market comprehensive video series covering a number of important applications for the Mac, including AE, Photoshop and, most recently, Adobe Illustrator. (We'll be providing video tutorials for all of these and more in the coming weeks.)

For our first installment, we're going to take a look at cornerpinning in Adobe After Effects, with the goal of creating a text effect similar to the opening scroll in Star Wars. This tutorial is hosted by Brian Maffitt, one of the founders of Total Training and host of our own Adobe After Effects user forum at the WWUG. In addition to hosting that WWUG forum and hosting series on AE and Final Effects, he's also authored the Classroom in a Book for After Effects.

So get out your headphones and notepads and sit back and enjoy the presentation.


Be sure to visit Total Training's Web site when you're done to see what they have to offer.

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