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LiveMotion Tip 2
When you create a Time-Independent group, your object (or group of objects) will be renamed "Group of x Objects." You can give the group your own name by selecting it in the Composition Timeline and going to the Timeline menu, selecting "Edit Name."


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Complex Animation in Adobe LiveMotion
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My concept was to show planets floating across the screen, which consumers could click on to learn more about traveling to those destinations.

Click image to see the final project.

So, here's what I did to kick it off.

1. I created a new composition and sized it at 640 x 480 with a frame rate of 12 frames per second. (The 12 FPS was the optimal setting for the amount of data involved in this project. Nothing else would play correctly in my browser. However, for smaller animations, you can get a much higher frame rate for smoother animations.) I then created a simple background just by using the paint bucket tool.

2. I knew how long I wanted this composition to be. So I stretched out the Composition timeline to 24 seconds, then reset the timeline back to frame 0. I also knew I wanted the composition to loop, so I clicked on the word "Composition" in the Composition Timeline window, went up to the Timeline menu and selected "Loop." That's pretty simple.

Putting together the presentation
I wanted the company's name to fade in in the beginning, along with a couple other titles, such as my name and contact info. For these, I simply used the Text tool in LiveMotion. Here's how I animated the titles:

1. After I created each text object, I clicked on them in the Timeline window and went up to the Timeline menu to convert them into Time-Independent Groups. This provides more flexibility than simple selecting "Time Independent."


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