MARCH 26, 2004
Macromedia Director MX 2004
The deposed King of Interactive Authoring Applications returns from the wilderness
Kevin Schmitt
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Flash integration
OK, along with the DVD stuff, we're really getting to the meat of what DMX04 has become. I alluded to its status as a "Flash wrapper" application already, because that's what Macromedia has really positioned Director as. Little bits and pieces of Flash influence are scattered throughout DMX04:

  • DMX04 now sports a Flash mode in the toolbar for adding little Flash widgets (fig. 10). In reality, these widgets are Flash V2 Components, some of which now work natively in DMX04.
  • The Library panel has been overhauled to resemble its Flash counterpart (fig. 11).
  • The Stage is now dockable, giving you the ability to more closely mimic the default Flash setup (fig. 12).
  • While not exclusive to Flash, DMX04 adds the Panel Sets functionality present in the rest of the MX2004 line.

Fig. 10: Common Flash Components are accessible right from Director's Tools panel.

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Fig. 11: Look familiar? The Library now has been given a Flash-like makeover.

Fig. 12: The Stage is finally dockable to other panels.

Now that's all fine and good, but where the rubber meets the road is just how good of a host Director is for Flash content. As it turns out, it's a pretty gracious one. First of all, DMX04 fully supports Flash MX 2004 movies and the V2 Component architecture I alluded to earlier. The DMX04 Library and Flash toolbar have some of these Components available right off the bat for you to use, and setting the properties of a Flash component is similar to setting them directly in Flash (fig. 13).

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