NOVEMBER 06, 2003
Pixel Post Studios Tools for Television Pro
Automation utility package for Adobe Photoshop
by David Nagel
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But the real seller for Tools for Television Pro is in its Title Builder feature. This one feature allows you to create graphics templates and replace the text in those templates with text from a spreadsheet and then automatically save all of the variations to separate video-friendly formats, such as Targa, TIFF and Layered TIFF. Here's how it works.

First, I'll create a simple lower-third graphic for displaying the name and title of interviewees in a simple presentation.[an error occurred while processing this directive]

Then I click on the Title Builder button within the Tools for Television Pro palette, which takes me to the program's integrated spreadsheet. The spreadsheet contains fields that are selectable based on the text I entered within my Photoshop document--in this case, "Name," "Title" and "Organization." I can then add any data I wish into these fields.

I then select my options, such as file format, frame type and alpha channel, and then hit the "Build it" button. And voila!

The individual graphics files are automatically built, resized to my specified 720 x 486 and given an alpha channel based on the data inserted into each individual field, plus any static graphics in the image. Once again, the alpha channel does ignore the background and title safety layers, so you don't have to worry about deleting those manually. And each of the generated files is given a unique name based on the data in the first column of Title Builder's spreadsheet (the "Name" field, in this case) for easy identification later. In addition, text fields in the spreadsheet can be saved and recalled later, so you don't have to type in text manually every time you run Title Builder.

I should note that I did encounter a couple of limitations with Title Builder, which I'll cover in the next section.

Aside from Title Builder, Tools for Television Pro has another unique, crowd-pleasing feature: the ability to capture video frames to Photoshop, bypassing the need to use your NLE. Using the Frame Grabber function, you can have access to video sources via FireWire or other capture devices, along with deck control via FireWire and RS-422.

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