AUGUST 18, 2003
Apple DVD Studio Pro 2.0
Professional DVD Authoring and encoding suite
by David Nagel
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The timeline itself allows you to trim and merge files and add and modify markers. Markers, of course, can still be imported from applications like Final Cut Pro, but creating them in DVD Studio Pro is just as easy. Move your insertion point where you want it, type "M," and you have yourself a marker. You can use these to define chapters, highlight buttons or set the break point for a dual-layer DVD, eliminating any awkward pause that might occur at an inappropriate time as the viewer's DVD player refocuses onto the second layer.

[an error occurred while processing this directive]You'll also find nested within the timeline palette the Slideshow manager (with support for up to 99 slides) and the Script palette. Slideshows can also be created automatically by dragging a group of images over a button.

By selecting a track in the timeline, you can also gain access to the Connections palette, which provides detailed information about connected and unconnected sources and allows you to check to make certain that everything is linked properly.

Other media and asset management features include an integrated file browser, which provides easy access to specified folders on your hard drive for audio, video and still image files. (It will even automatically link to iTunes playlists.)

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