AUGUST 18, 2003
Apple DVD Studio Pro 2.0
Professional DVD Authoring and encoding suite
by David Nagel
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I won't show you a screen shot of every single contextual palette available. Suffice to say there's depth in every design element on the screen, including assigning resume functions, setting scripts, defining GPRM variables, setting user operations, etc. And remember, if you don't like dealing with palettes, everything can also be customized through contextual menus or direct editing on the canvas, whether you're converting a button to a drop zone (or vice versa), switching a button's target, creating styles, adding text directly to menus, checking spelling, aligning objects, assigning scripts or even directly reshaping elements using transformation handles. It's all right there within easy reach.

Over the coming days (and weeks and months), we'll be providing tutorials for customizing elements of your menus, so stay tuned for those.[an error occurred while processing this directive]New timeline and media management
For media management, DVD Studio Pro 2.0 includes a wealth of new features, the most recognizable being the brand new timeline. Borrowed from the timeline in Final Cut Pro, the new DVD Studio Pro version provides for up to nine video angles (one standard, eight alternate), eight audio tracks and 32 subtitles. It provides a much simplified method for organizing elements of a project.

Notice, incidentally, the asset located in the second video track? Yes, version 2.0 now allows you to mix clip length on alternate angles so that you don't have to encode a whole second video track just to supply alternate content. This means that if a viewer is watching video angle 2, the DVD will automatically switch to the second track when there's content available and go back to the main track when none is available. What could be simpler?

Audio and subtitle tracks are equally simple. You can create subtitles directly within DVD Studio Pro or import files in .son, .stl, .txt and .scr formats. And you can add (monochromatic) graphics to enhance subtitles. And you have full control over position, color, font, style and other parameters.

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