AUGUST 18, 2003
Apple DVD Studio Pro 2.0
Professional DVD Authoring and encoding suite
by David Nagel
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To top it off, there's also a contextual properties palette. Select your menu background, and it calls up one set of parameters.

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And on and on. The contextual palette even switches properties when selecting unused assets, outline items or nothing at all (in which case it displays general disc information and parameters).

So, in short, DVD Studio Pro has gained the kind of workflow you expect from Apple software: Things work they way they're supposed to work without you thinking about them, and, when you need to go deeper into a particular aspect of your project, a contextual palette or menu is always at the ready to get you there quickly.

I should note the one shortcoming I found with contextual elements. If you use a third-party input device and have your right button set to "Right Click" (a feature supported by Mac OS X) instead of "Control Click," you might get some inconsistent behavior when working with buttons in your menus, including seeing your buttons' names change inexplicably. So definitely change your right mouse (or stylus) button's setting to "Control Click," if possible.

Quick tip for Wacom tablet users: To change from "Right Click" to "Control Click," open your Wacom utility, choose your current tablet and add DVD Studio Pro to the application list. Change the button you use for Right Click to "Modifier," and then select both Control and Click as the button's actions. This will change your right button's settings just within DVD Studio Pro and leave others unchanged.

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