AUGUST 20, 2003
Weekly Download: Illustrator Brushes, Series 3
10 custom vector-based Art Brushes
by David Nagel

Our last series of Art Brushes for Adobe Illustrator went over pretty well, so I though we'd go ahead and follow up with a second series. This time we've changed up some of the parameters of the brushes to make them a little more flexible and made them much larger than the first set. Read on for examples and download instructions.

Our collection of Art Brushes this week includes 10 brush tips, varying in size and shape. Owing to their size and increased complexity, I've had to pare down the collection to 10, compared with the first series' 25. Even with just 10 brushes, this week's download is 4.5 MB! Incidentally, if you missed the first collection of Art Brushes, you can find it here.[an error occurred while processing this directive]Here's a sampling of the brushes in this collection.

These brushes are designed to work on Macintosh and Windows systems running Adobe Illustrator 10. Continue on to the next page for download and installation instructions.

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