AUGUST 04, 2003
Weekly Download: Freehand MX Styles, Series 1
15 wet and creamy edge effects
by David Nagel

This is my first collection of object styles for Freehand MX. Not knowing exactly what Freehand users are looking for in their styles, I've decided to create a fairly general-purpose collection, one that generates wet edge effects, some resembling creamy paint styles, others emulating the kind of runny styles you might get from watercolors.

This first library of styles includes 15 edge effects, some using brush strokes (included), others using basic strokes that have been modified with effects. Each one is fully editable, so, if it's not exactly what you want, at least you have a decent starting point for your final effect.[an error occurred while processing this directive]Here's a preview of all of the styles included in this collection. The numbers in the images below correspond to the style numbers in the collection (NagelSeries1-1, NagelSeries1-2, etc.)

These styles will run on Macintosh and Windows systems and are compatible with Macromedia Freehand MX only. They will not work in previous versions. Continue on to the next page for download and installation instructions. (And remember, you can find all of our previous download by visiting our Features archive.)

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