JULY 17, 2003
Cube Please
Creating a regular hexahedron in Adobe After Effects
by Ko Maruyama

Here's another article for an AE Forum user: How to make a cube in AE 5.x+. If you're new to 3D or are simply having trouble figuring out how to make all these layers parent together in order to form your cube, don't worry. This might help.

It's a pretty simple theory that requires some basic math to get it into place.[an error occurred while processing this directive]First of all, there are a couple of excellent plugins available now. Digital Anarchy and Conoa are the two foremost plugins that come to mind for ease of use. Useful Assistants from Profound Effects is coming soon but is still unavailable. They will all be available for both 5.x and 6.0 (see last page for site URLs).

The first thing to consider is the geometric properties of a cube. If you need visual help, open up an old board game and grab one of the 6 sided dice. Now it becomes very easy.

There are six congruent square faces.

1. Create 6 Solids. You can use layers of video if you prefer. remember cube:square faces. In my 350x500 comp, I've made 6 new solids, each 100x100.

2. Arranging the faces. Create a NULL Object and turn on 3D Layers for all of the layers in your 3D Cube. An additional switch we'll need to address in AE5.x is the Advanced Render Engine (AE6.0 selects it for us).

Notice that all of the layers, by default occupy the same space. We'll need to reposition each by adjusting the anchor points and positions.

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