JULY 11, 2003
Weekly Download: Illustrator Art Brushes
25 custom vector-based brushes
by David Nagel

It's been quite a while since I've posted a set of brushes for Illustrator. For one thing, Illustrator brush files are huge. For another, the payoff isn't very great since Illustrator brush tips are vector-based and therefore aren't terribly pretty. Or rather weren't terribly pretty--before now. For I have put together a library of painterly Illustrator Art brushes that will delight the eye and vanquish those vector-based blues.

Our collection of Art Brushes this week includes 25 brush tips, varying in size, shape and, in many cases, blending mode (to help the strokes blend with one another on the canvas). All 25 are entirely vector-based and can also be customized for size, width, directionality, etc.[an error occurred while processing this directive]Here's a look at five of the brushes from this week's collection.

These brushes are designed to work on Macintosh and Windows systems running Adobe Illustrator 10. Continue on to the next page for download and installation instructions.

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