FEBRUARY 25, 2003
Killing the Undead
How to get rid of Jaguar's Dock
by Kevin Schmitt
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You'll get another warning for good measure, and then enter a root password twice to gain root access. Now to move the Dock. In the Terminal, type in the following:

Fig. 4[an error occurred while processing this directive]Enter your password, and that's all there is to it! The Dock should now be just another app in your Applications Directory (fig. 5).

Fig. 5: We've managed to put the Dock where it's not supposed to be. Scandal!

If you ever want to move it back, enter this in the Terminal:

Fig. 6

Everything should be back to normal after that.

The next step is to place a pointer to the Dock in your Login Items Preference Pane, so it will launch when you first log in to your machine and allow the Desktop to become active. So open up the System Preferences, click Login Items, click Add, then navigate to the Dock program (remember that it's now in your Applications directory). Once it's there in your Login Items, drag it to the top of the list so it launches first.

Danger, Will Robinson! If you have other user accounts on your machine, you're going to have to instruct them to add the Dock application to their Login Items panel as well, or else they might get a little peeved at you for giving them the proverbial middle finger when you moved the Dock and took away Desktop access.

The Dock runs just fine this way, so once they add it to their Login Items life will be just the same as it ever was for them. At this point, you may also want to add your Dock replacement program to the Login Items, so that will start automatically as well. The last step is to add the Kill Dock program we made earlier as the last item in the Login Items panel, so it allows enough time for the Dock to launch before killing it (fig. 7).

Fig. 7: What my Login Items panel looks like after adding and rearranging everything.

That's it! We've managed to find a wooden stake for Jaguar's Dock, you still have access to your Desktop, and any third-party program switcher will work using Command-Tab (fig. 8).

Fig. 8: DragThing's process menu at the bottom, Keyboard Maestro's program switcher in the middle. Life is good again.

So now I'm back to having my happy OS X setup from before. That is, until 10.3 comes out....

Kevin Schmitt has been a working with just about every aspect of digital media since before anyone really knew what to call it. An award-winning animator, artist, and multimedia producer, he is currently the head (and only) honcho of Kevin Schmitt Digital Design, located in the enormously bustling megalopolis of Charlottesville, Va. Whether you're looking to hire a digital artist for your next project or just wanting to give him the business about his latest musings, he can be reached at [email protected]. He's ready to believe you!

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