OCTOBER 18, 2002
Weekly Download: Custom Shapes for Photoshop 7
Retro Daddy-O
by Stephen Schleicher

Here’s the third week of weekly freebies from the kind fellows at Digital Media Online. These hep cats have been working round the clock and this week present you with a series of custom shapes for Adobe Photoshop. Instead of some of today’s traditional custom shapes, these shapes take you back to the days of yesteryear before the word astronaut was conceived, duck and cover was still the best way to protect yourself from nuclear fallout, and Ike was in the White House. This collection contains 20 retro shapes (Stephen’s Retro) to use however you want Daddy-O.

The Custom Shapes [an error occurred while processing this directive]The Retro collection of shapes comes from the designs that were so popular in the early to mid 50’s. The Retro collection includes a series of stars, planets, atoms, fluid circles, and a couple of takes on the ever popular boom-a-rang (what goes around comes around, eh?).

To install the shapes, download the collection located at the end of the article and unstuffy them into your Adobe>Photoshop>Presets>Custom Shapes folder. They will show up at Stephen’s Retro 1-20. Unless you want to overwrite all of the custom shapes you installed last week (Nagel Series 1), make sure you Append the shapes to your list. Of course you can always reload them later, but why be a square?

With the Stephen’s Retro shapes loaded you can begin dragging out new designs that have the feel of the good ol’ days. I find these shapes to be most useful when designing backgrounds for various projects. The best combination style I have found is to chose a color for the background and then choose a slightly lighter color for the shapes.

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Source: Digital Media Online, Inc.
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