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NEWS • Sep. 25, 2001
Universal Audio Announces SmartCode Pro for MOTU Digital Performer
The surround workstation software from Mark of the Unicorn.

Universal Audio announced today the development of their SmartCode Pro line of software encoders for Digital Performer Version 3, the surround workstation software from Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU). This marks the first time that Smart Code Pro will be available for a native audio workstation and provides Digital Performer 3.0 users the solution they need to deliver fully encoded Dolby or DTS surround projects.

"As demand for 5.1 surround processing increases, so does the demand for tools," said Mikail Graham, UA's VP of Product Strategy and Marketing. "Digital Performer-based workstations are used by professionals worldwide. As Digital Performer 3, which features surround processing, reached the market, so did the demand for affordable, flexible encoding," he added.

"Digital Performer users enjoy the most complete, advanced surround workstation currently available on the Macintosh desktop," commented Jim Cooper, MOTU's Director of Marketing. "Smart Code Pro completes the picture by giving DP users the software they need to encode their surround mixes. Together, MOTU and Universal Audio are proving once again that you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to produce state-of-the-art surround mixes."

There are three versions of SmartCode Pro for Digital Performer users: DTS-DVD ($1495 MSRP), for encoding prior to DTS format DVD duplication; DTS-CD ($495 MSRP) for creating 5.1 preview masters using standard CD-burners, and Dolby Digital ($795 MSRP) for creating AC3 DVD masters. All three versions have newly updated graphic user interfaces. SmartCode Pro/Dolby Digital for Digital Performer also includes the latest AC3 algorithms from Dolby Labs.

The SmartCode Pro encoders for Digital Performer will be available in the fourth quarter of this year from authorized Universal Audio dealers and distributors worldwide.

Universal Audio, headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, develops classic analog recording equipment and cutting edge digital signal processing tools. The company's slogan - Analog Ears, Digital Minds - reflects its devotion to bridging the best of analog and digital recording technologies.

MOTU is a leading developer of computer based music and audio recording software and hardware peripherals. Mark of the Unicorn and Digital Performer are registered trademarks of Mark of the Unicorn, Inc. Other products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective manufacturers.

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