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NEWS • Sep. 27, 2001
SmartDisk Beefs Up FireWire Drives
New drives see price reductions, get bumps up to 100 GB

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

SmartDisk has revamped its line of VST FireWire drives. The new models offer increases in storage and reductions in prices.

The new drives will be available in 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB and 100 GB capacities. (The previous lineup has a maximum capacity of 75 GB.) They can be stacked horizontally or vertically and are hot-swappable.

VST FireWire drives ship with VST Format 2.3.1 with Hot Plug Events for Macs, software for drive formatting and partitioning, password control, write protection and encryption by partition. According to SmartDisk, "Hot Plug Events allows users to program a SmartDisk external drive to execute any number of tasks automatically upon plug-in. Examples include performing a backup of a Documents folder, launching a favorite MP3 play list ... or performing an automatic download of e-mail from an Internet mailbox to the drive."

According to SmartDisk, the drives can also be used as boot volumes.

The drives run $299.95 for the 40 GB model; $349.95 for the 60 GB model; $449.95 for the 80 GB model; and $499.95 for the 100 GB model. For more information, visit http://www.smartdisk.com.

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