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NEWS • Sep. 20, 2001
Olympus To Ship New Cameras
E-20N hits 5 megapixels

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Olympus today introduced two new digital cameras, both of which are expected to ship in October. These include the new 2 megapixel Brio D-230 and the flagship Camedia E-20N, a 5 megapixel SLR.

The Camedia E-20N offers dual-mode image capture using either Interlaced Scan mode or Progressive Scan mode. Interlaced mode allows users to set the CCD for 5 megapixel resolution, while Progressive Scan captures a 2.5 megapixel image. According to Olympus, the CCD is actually 5 megapixels.

Other features of the E-20N include:

  • Shutter speeds up to 1/18,000 second.
  • 9 mm to 36 mm Zoom ED and aspherical glass lens (f2.0 to f11, 35 mm to 140 mm).
  • 114,000 pixel TFT LCD display (1.8 inches).
  • Multiple flash modes include Auto Scene Detecting Flash, Red-Eye Reduction, Slow Shutter Synchronization and Fill-in Flash with the FL-40 or built-in flash.
  • 2.5-frame-per-second Burst Mode up to four frames in the Interlaced Scan Mode and 4.5 frames per second up to seven frames in Progressive Scan mode.
  • Auto-connect USB.
  • User-selectable auto white balance and presets from 3,000 K to 7,500 K.
  • Uses E-10 accessories, including cases, flash, NiMH batteries, AC adapter and extension lenses.

The Camedia E-20N will be available in late October for $1,999. It will ship with a 32 MB Olympus SmartMedia memory card, lens hood, video cable, USB cable, two LB-01 (CR-3V) Lithium batteries, RM-1 remote control, Olympus Camedia Master 4.0 (Windows/Macintosh), Adobe Photoshop Elements v. 1.0 (Windows/Macintosh), lens cap, strap, QuickStart Guide and manual.

The other new model is the Brio D-230, a compact, 2 megapixel digital camera. The Brio D-230 features an Olympus Auto-Focus 5.5 mm f 2.8 lens, (equivalent to 36 mm in a 35 mm film camera) with a digital telephoto up to 5x. It will be available in October for $299 and will include a 16MB SmartMediaTM card, USB cable, CamediaMaster software, user guide, strap and two AA alkaline batteries.

For more information, visit http://www.olympus.com.

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