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NEWS • Sep. 19, 2001
Monaco Teams with Bestcolor for Profiling Bundle
Bestcolor to provide profiling software with Mac RIP

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Bestcolor USA will start offering MonacoProof profiling software with Best Colorproof RIP bundles. MonacoProof is a Macintosh-based ICC color profiling package from Monaco Systems. The bundle is designed to optimize the accuracy of digital proofs from inkjet printers.

The companies say that this bundle offers the most cost-effective inkjet proofing solution available to the print industry. This bundle will be available through Best's certified dealer network.

MonacoProof is a spectrophotometer-based profiling solution for generating monitor, input and output profiles and for customizing profile settings. It generates profiles for monitors (CRT and LCD), scanners, digital cameras, printers, proofers, presses, film recorders and color copiers. It interfaces with standard measurement devices, such as X-Rite, Gretag and SpectroStar devices, and allows custom adjustments for lightness, saturation and individual output curves.

Colorproof is a continuous-tone inkjet proofing system designed for production environments. It offers network users up to 15 input channels that can be individually configured for quality, color simulation and output media. The product supports printers from A3+ up to 62-inch large-format production devices.

For more information, visit http://www.monacosys.com or http://www.bestcolor.com.

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