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NEWS • Sep. 28, 2001
Midiman Releases OS X Drivers for Audio Interfaces
Drivers boast 1 ms latency

by J.D. Mars

Midiman/M-Audio today announced support in Mac OS X 10.1 for their entire line of Delta digital audio interfaces. Latency for the OS 10.1 drivers is reported to be as low as 40 samples, which translates to a latency time of approximately 1 ms. Midiman is the first audio-related company to announce fully functional OS X 10.1 drivers.

The drivers have the following features:

  • All Delta cards are supported (1010, 66, 44, DiO2496, Audiophile 2496, TDIF, R-BUS).
  • Latency times are as low as 1 ms.
  • ASIO 2.0 and legacy ASIO support.
  • MultiCard mode (up to 4 cards).
  • MultiClient (multiple apps can access one card and audio port at the same time).
  • MIDI I/O (where available).
  • Hibernate mode (works with power management).
  • Resizeable panels in the Delta Control Panel software.
  • Additional small VU meter panel.

The drivers for the Delta series require Mac OS X 10.1. Drivers for their Midisport MIDI interfaces for OS X have been available since June. For more information, visit http://www.m-audio.com.

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