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NEWS • Sep. 20, 2001
EFI To Launch New Fiery RIPs
Servers optimized for EFI's forthcoming software suite

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Electronics For Imaging (EFI) will launch two new Fiery controllers at next week's Seybold convention in San Francisco. The company will demonstrate the Fiery Z5 and Fiery Z18 color servers and a new software package that the company says features specialized tools for graphic arts professionals.

Few specifics were available at press time, but EFI says the new Fiery product line will provide "speed, precision and advanced workflow controls to maximize both print quality and productivity. Each platform features dramatic improvements in printing speed, greater color management control, enhanced workflow and more flexible, expanded variable data support."

The Fiery Z5 is designed for mid-range print engines in a wide variety of print environments, from corporate and print for pay shops to graphic arts. The Fiery Z18 is designed for intensive production environments, from design firms and CRDs to commercial printers.

The new Fiery platforms are optimized for EFI's forthcoming software suite, including the new Fiery Graphic Arts Package, which features specialized tools to achieve consistent color and print quality for more precise proofs and simulations in varied document formats. The EFI Color Profiler is also a new option for the Z5 and Z18. It includes profile creation software and an EFI Spectrometer.

EFI will also be demonstrating its new variable data printing solutions next week, including special Fiery versions of VDP applications Pageflex Persona and Atlas PrintShop Mail, which have been optimized for the Z5 and Z18 platforms. (The new models will also support PPML, as well as proprietary legacy languages.)

For more Information, visit http://www.efi.com.

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