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NEWS • Sep. 26, 2001
Corel Ships Graphics Suite 10 for Mac
CorelDraw 10, Photo-Paint 10, Rave now available for OS X and older systems

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

Corel has started shipping Graphic Suite 10 for Mac OS 8.6 through Mac OS X. This is not the first Corel suite available for Mac OS X. They previously released Bryce 5 and Painter 7, both of which support OS X and older Mac systems.

Graphics Suite 10 includes Macintosh versions of CorelDraw 10, Photo-Paint 10 and Rave. CorelDraw is the company's vector illustration program. Photo-Paint is an image editing and painting application. And Rave is Corel's tool for creating vector animations in the Flash format.

All of the applications have now reached parity with their Windows counterparts.

Also included in the package are several KPT plugins, CorelTrace 10, Canto Cumulus Desktop LE 5, Font Reserve, 2,000 clipart images, 500 stock photos and 2,000 TrueType and PostScript fonts. The entire package is available now for $549.99, with upgrades costing $239.99. French and German versions will be available in November.

For more information, visit http://www.corel.com.

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