I would never have a studio that would be just exclusively one [platform], unless everything was available [for it]. That would be almost irresponsible.
—J.J. Sedelmaier

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Q&A JULY 25 , 2001
The Ambiguously Mac Studio

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CM: Are you doing 100 percent of the animation on TV Funhouse?

Sedelmaier: You mean the Comedy Central show?

CM: Yes.

Sedelmaier: No. All we did on that was … the pilot with Robert [Smigel] initially last year, and then we did the title sequence that opens the show. And then I think he pulls cartoons or vignettes from some of the stuff we did together on Saturday Night Live. But we don't do any of the cartoons on TV Funhouse. When it comes to Saturday TV Funhouse on Saturday Night Live, the only thing that we continue to be doing for the past two seasons is "The Ambiguously Gay Duo." We got very busy, and, at one point, I ran out of people that I could use on Saturday Night Live. And also I had gotten to the point where we were starting to get those phone calls that were saying, "We loved your stuff on Saturday Night Live. Would you ever consider doing commercials?" And I said, you know, between that and the talent pool, I think we should just take a little break. But Robert and I still stay in touch. I just talked to him yesterday, and we're actually doing some print work with The X Presidents. And we've done comics. We did a comic for Playboy with The Ambiguously Gay Duo and so forth. Robert's a great guy to work with, so I jump at the chance of doing it.

[Editor's note: Remind me to fire my research assistant.]

From the forthcoming Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

CM: Now, it's pretty impossible to find anything of yours on the Web. But you have built up a pretty decent following at the consumer level with the work you've done on Saturday Night Live. Do you have any plans for doing anything on the Web?

Sedelmaier: We are just now getting to the point where we are pulling together a Web site.

CM: All right. Now, I have to bring this back to the Mac. So what percentage of your work would you say is done on the Mac platform?

Sedelmaier: I'd say maybe 25 [percent].

CM: And that's all pre and post then?

Sedelmaier: At this point.

CM: Why did you choose a mixed environment for your production? Doesn't it cause some hassles?

Sedelmaier: You mean in terms of PC and Mac?

CM: That's right.

Sedelmaier: Because originally thinking that we were a graphically based studio, we thought that we were just going to gravitate toward Mac-based stuff. It seemed to go on forever—researching animation programs—[and] we began to realize that the way we do our animation seemed to be more consistent with a PC-based approach for the pencil testing that we knew, regardless of how we were going to finish—we were going to finish the thing in the studio or finish it in a facility—the pencil test aspect was better handled in a PC realm. It surprised me because I thought, just naturally, Mac always seems just so user-friendly in terms of graphics. I have a PowerBook that I use in my room. That was another thing that Michael Ouweleen kind of turned me on to, how wonderful they are. But when it comes to the types of pencil testers that are out there—now anyway—with all the looking around we did, the CTP system, which happened to be PC-based, was what we found to be best for the studio.

But I would never have a studio that would be just exclusively one thing, unless everything was available [for it]. That would be almost irresponsible.

CM: What's your PowerBook? Is it a Titanium?

Sedelmaier: No. I got it like two-and-a-half minutes before the next one came out.

For more information on J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, please contact the studio's rep firm, Blah Blah Blah. The contact is Andy Arkin ([email protected]). Or visit Blah's Web site at http://www.blahusa.com.

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