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NEWS • Jun. 14, 2001
Adobe Stands Behind PageMaker Upgrade Price
A clarification on PageMaker 7.0 pricing

by David Nagel
Executive Producer

A couple days ago we reported that Adobe plans to release PageMaker 7.0 this summer. It stirred up a lot of emotion from users, mostly very grateful to see Adobe get behind their publishing system of choice. But there was also a little bit of confusion over the upgrade price for 7.0.

Users reported that the upgrade price of $79 in our story was not accurate and that the Adobe store was quoting an upgrade of $99. However, we had a chance to ask Adobe about this, and the company says that the $79 upgrade price stands.

The confusion seemed to stem from the fact that version 7.0 is still not available at the Adobe store, even for preorder. The $99 upgrade price quoted at Adobe's Web store refers to PageMaker 6.5 Plus. But when the new version becomes available as a preorder, the upgrade price to 7.0 will be $79.

PageMaker 7.0 will be available in summer 2001 to customers in the United States and Canada for $499 for the full product and $79 for upgrades from previous versions. PageMaker 7.0 will be available to educators for the estimated street price of $289 for the full product and $79 for upgrades from previous versions. Adobe PageMaker supports MAC OS 8.6 (with Apple Software Font Manager Update version 1.0), 9.1, OS X (Classic) and Microsoft Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 with Service Pack 5 or 6, Windows 2000 or Windows ME.

PageMaker 7.0 will be included in future versions of the Adobe Publishing Collection. The Publishing Collection is available for $999, with special pricing for educators. For more information visit http://www.adobe.com.

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