NEWS JUNE 29, 2001
RE:Vision Offers Deinterlacer for After Effects
Plugin set offers pulldown, reinterlacing

RE:Vision Effects, maker of plugins for Adobe After Effects such as Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur, has released a new set of filters called ReelSmart FieldsKit. ReelSmart FieldsKit is a set of plugins providing deinterlacing and more workflow options for interlacing and pulldown. Read More

NEWS JUNE 29, 2001
Markzware Releases FlightCheck Classic 4.0 for Mac
Preflight package gets new views and controls, plus the ability to preflight Word docs

Markzware has introduced version 4.0 of FlightCheck Classic, its preflight suite for the Macintosh. The new version gets a host of new features, plus the ability to preflight Microsoft Word documents, versions 4 through 2001, from Macintosh and Windows platforms. Read More

NEWS JUNE 28, 2001
Final Draft AV Gets Carbonized for Mac OS X
Version 1.1 gets new features, customizability enhancements

Final Draft Inc. has released Final Draft AV 1.1, an update to its dual-column scriptwriting software. The dual-column AV script format is used by writers, producers and directors who create commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, music videos, etc. The latest version gets a number of new features, including carbonization for Mac OS X, reformatting and customizable elements. Read More

NEWS JUNE 28, 2001
ACD Systems Launches ACDSee 1.6 for Mac
New version supports OS X and older systems

ACD Systems is shipping ACDSee 1.6 for the Mac. ACDSee is set of tools for managing and acquiring digital images from TWAIN sources. This version is targeted at professional and amateur photographers, digital video professionals, graphic designers and other users that manage large collections of images. Read More

NEWS JUNE 27, 2001
Cubase VST Gets Update
Latest version supports Propellerhead's Reason

Steinberg announced late yesterday an update for Cubase VST 5.0. The latest release, 5.0 r1 for the Macintosh, now supports sending MIDI events to Propellerhead's Reason, with the Rewire interface updated to 2.0. The latest release also fixes a number of bugs, including the Create File Error that popped up when the pitch shift dialog was opened in the wave editor and canceled. Read More

NEWS JUNE 27, 2001
Electric Image Updates Amorphium Pro
New version fixes Mac issue, improves GIF rendering

Electric Image has released an update to its Amorphium Pro software. The new version, 1.2, fixes some known driver issues with Nvidia graphics cards on the Macintosh and also improves GIF rendering on both platforms. Read More

NEWS JUNE 26, 2001
Digital Anarchy Plugin Supports Commotion, Final Cut Pro 2
Elements of Anarchy: Text 1.1 gets fixes, functionality improvements

Digital Anarchy today released an update to its After Effects plugin called Elements of Anarchy: Text. The latest version, 1.1, gets new support for Apple Final Cut Pro 2 and Pinnacle Systems Commotion 4, as well as other applications that support the After Effects plugin specification. This includes Elastic Gasket for Avid, which allows for the use of AE plugins in Avid systems. Read More

NEWS JUNE 26, 2001
Adobe Premiere Update Fixes Bugs with Capture Cards
Premiere 6.0.1 beta release includes performance improvements, new features

Adobe today released an update for Premiere, its nonlinear editing system. The new version gains a number of improvements and bug fixes, but, according to Adobe, this latest release is just a beta. Among the improvements are fixes for several video cards, including the Matrox RTMac, Aurora Igniter and Pinnacle CineWave. Read More

NEWS JUNE 26, 2001
Contour Updates ShuttlePro Application Support
Shuttle/jog device now supports 28 apps across design, video and audio categories

Contour Design has released a new set of application settings for its ShuttlePro USB shuttle/jog controller. ShuttlePro is a Macintosh-only shuttle/jog that also includes 13 programmable buttons, in addition to the main ring and wheel. Read More

NEWS JUNE 26, 2001
Minolta Intros Film Scanner
4,800 DPI scanner offers 16-bit A/D conversion

Minolta today announced a new model in its lineup of film scanners. The DiMAGE Scan Multi Pro scanner is a 4,800 DPI unit that offers 16-bit A/D conversion and automatic image enhancement via Applied Science Fiction's Digital ICE^3 technology. Read More

NEWS JUNE 25, 2001
Steinberg HALion Comes to Mac
Software synth supports macros, integration with Cubase VST

Audio software publisher Steinberg has released HALion for the Macintosh. HALion is a software sampler with 32-bit support and various filter types with a cutoff slope of up to 24 dB. Read More

NEWS JUNE 25, 2001
Electric Image Updates Universe
New version gets OS X renderer, 20 times faster than OS 9 version

Electric Image has released a maintenance update to Universe, its high-end 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite. Version 3.1 includes new features and performance enhancements, as well as even faster rendering and ray tracing speed for all of its supported platforms. Read More

NEWS JUNE 25, 2001
Bryce 5 Coming in July
New release includes Mac OS X version

Corel today introduced Bryce 5, the latest version of the 3D landscape creation and animation package formerly owned by Metacreations. Bryce 5 is expected to ship in July for Macintosh and Windows, and it marks the first Corel application for Mac OS X. Read More

NEWS JUNE 25, 2001
Human Software Ships Classic Frames Vol. II
New volume supports multiple frame edges, customized frames

Human Software has released Classic Frames Vol. II, a plugin that creates frame borders around images in Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint and Jasc PaintShop, as well as PageMaker, Illustrator and Macromedia Freehand, according to the company. Read More

NEWS JUNE 25, 2001
Fuji Ships FinePix with 2.4 Million Sensor CCD
Porsche-designed camera available for $699

Fujifilm today introduced the latest model in its FinePix line of digital cameras. The FinePix 4800 includes a CCD with 2.4 million sensors and can record images at up to 4.3 megapixels with interpolation. Fuji didn't reveal the native capture resolution of the camera, but usually a 2.4 million censor CCD can handle images around 1.9 megapixels to 2.1 megapixels. Read More

NEWS JUNE 21, 2001
BitHeadz Updates Phrazer
New version supports QuickTime movies, adds MIDI fixes

BitHeadz has announced a new update to Phrazer, its digital audio loop sequencer for the Macintosh. Phrazer is designed for multitrack loop arranging and features the ability to simultaneously adjust the tempo and pitch of multiple loops in real time. Read More

NEWS JUNE 20, 2001
Olympus Intros 4 Megapixel Camera
Camedia C-4040 offers 3x optical zoom

Olympus today announced the new Camedia C-4040 digital camera. The latest model in the company's Camedia line offers a resolution of 4 megapixels and includes a rubberized lens barrel and grip and a 3x optical zoom. The camera also offers noise reduction and aperture settings as wide as f1.8. Read More

NEWS JUNE 19, 2001
The Foundry Ships Tinderbox 2 for After Effects
Latest release includes 20 image processing tools

Earlier this month, The Foundry released its second set of plugins for Adobe After Effects. The new collection, Tinderbox 2, includes 20 entirely new effects for image processing and effects. The latest release supports multiple processors on the Mac and 8- and 16-bit per channel color depth in Adobe After Effects 5. Read More

NEWS JUNE 19, 2001
Extensis Ships Suitcase 10 for Mac
Mac OS X support coming by end of year

Extensis today announced the release of Suitcase 10 for Macintosh. With the latest version of the font management utility, Extensis says customer will receive a free upgrade to the OS X version, which is expected by the end of the year. Read More

NEWS JUNE 19, 2001
Quark Unveils New Wrapture
New version gets enhanced visualization tools

Quark Today announced version 1.5 of its QuarkWrapture packaging design application. The new version, the first major update for Wrapture, gets enhanced visualization and also now supports cylindrical objects. Read More

NEWS JUNE 18, 2001
Curious Labs Releases Poser Pro Pack Update
Second service release supports 3ds max 4, fixes bugs

Curious Labs today released its second service update for the Poser 4 Pro Pack. According to Curious Labs, service release 2 (SR2) addresses known issues in the original Pro Pack, as well as some still left over in the first service release. Read More

NEWS JUNE 18, 2001
Kensington To Ship Trackball with TouchSense
Input device provides tactile feedback

Kensington, the company that manufactures the Turbo Mouse Pro, is introducing a new trackball into its lineup of input devices. The soon to be released Orbit 3D is a new trackball, the first to incorporate Immersion's TouchSense technology. It provides users with tactile feedback, described by the company as rumbles, waves, buzzes and textures, as the user mouses over desktop icons, hyperlinks, drop-down menus and other cues. Read More

NEWS JUNE 18, 2001
Media Lab Releases PhotoWebber 2.0
Tool converts Photoshop files into Web pages

Media Lab today released version 2.0 of PhotoWebber, a stand-alone application that converts Photoshop files into HTML pages. The software allows designers to create Photoshop documents with layers and convert individual objects into interactive elements without programming. Read More

NEWS JUNE 18, 2001
Toshiba To Ship 4.2 Megapixel Camera
New $1,000 model to be shown this month

Toshiba Imaging Systems today announced the PDR-M81, a 4.2 megapixel digital camera. The camera will be unveiled later this month, but no ship date has yet been announced. It will be available for less than $1,000, according to Toshiba. Read More

NEWS JUNE 14, 2001
Adobe Stands Behind PageMaker Upgrade Price
A clarification on PageMaker 7.0 pricing

A couple days ago we reported that Adobe plans to release PageMaker 7.0 this summer. It stirred up a lot of emotion from users, mostly very grateful to see Adobe get behind their publishing system of choice. But there was also a little bit of confusion over the upgrade price for 7.0. Read More

NEWS JUNE 12, 2001
Propellerhead Releases Recycle! 2
Latest groovemaker offers realtime previews, ASIO support

Propellerhead Software today announced release 2.0 of Recycle!, which the company refers to as the groovemaker. The 2.0 release can now work with stereo files, and most settings within Recycle! can be previewed in real time. A number of new realtime processing tools have also been included for final loop mastering purposes. There's Gate sensitivity control, an Envelope for adding attack and decay control over every slice, a Transient Shaper for shaping the dynamic behavior of the signal and a two-band Parametric EQ. Read More

NEWS JUNE 12, 2001
EI Offers Electric Image Plus DVD Training for $199
dvGarage releases 3D Toolkit to provide 3D 'building blocks' for users

Electric Image and dvGarage have teamed up to provide a DVD training disc and a full copy of Electric Image's EIAS 2.9 software for $199. Prior to Electric Image's latest software release, Universe 3.0, EIAS was available for $2,295. EIAS is available only on the Macintosh and has been used to create the effects for a pretty large number of theatrical releases, from Terminator 2 to Star Wars: Episode 1. The new DVD bundle, called the 3D Toolkit, will be available in late July. Read More

NEWS JUNE 12, 2001
Adobe Announces PageMaker 7.0
Summer release to include PDF tools, improved cross-application compatibility

Adobe today introduced PageMaker 7.0, a new upgrade to its page layout program, which will be released this summer. Adobe is positioning PageMaker 7.0 as an integrated business publishing solution. This new release provides tighter integration with other business applications and is geared to what Adobe calls network publishing. Read More

NEWS JUNE 12, 2001
Heim Releases Plugin Galaxy 1.02 for Mac
Photoshop collection includes 120 effects

Harald Heim, author of numerous Adobe Photoshop plugins and founder of the Plugin Site, has released version 1.02 of his Plugin Galaxy. Plugin Galaxy is a collection of 20 plugins for Photoshop that can produce more than 120 effects in Photoshop and Photoshop-compatible applications. Read More

NEWS JUNE 12, 2001
Mac LightWave Gets Disgusting Plugin
Worley Labs releases surface texture tool

Worley Labs, makers of several plugins for LightWave on the Macintosh and Windows platforms, has released its latest plugin for the Mac. Called the Disgusting plugin, the new filter is a surface texture tool that makes organic, leathery or rocky surfaces. At present, the software is undocumented, but its free to users of other Worley plugins, such as Sasquatch, Polk and Taft. Read More

NEWS JUNE 08, 2001
Shave and a Haircut for LightWave Coming to Mac
Hair plugin developer 'just about there'

Macintosh LightWave users will soon have access to Shave and a Haircut, according to a report on our sister site Video Systems. Shave is a plugin that creates photorealistic hair for animation in NewTek LightWave. To date, it has only been available for Windows. Read More

NEWS JUNE 08, 2001
QPS Ships 240 MB SuperDisk
USB drive formats standard floppies at 32 MB

QPS has started shipping a new Que! SuperDisk drive. The drive is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 and supports 240 MB and 120 MB SuperDisk Media. It can also read from and write to standard 1.44 MB and 720 KB floppy disks. What's more, the drive can format standard floppy disks up to 32 MB capacity. Read More

NEWS JUNE 08, 2001
Human Software Updates Classic Frames
New version supports portrait and landscape modes

Human Software, the company that makes a number of plugins for graphics applications, has updated its Classic Frames software. The new version, Classic Frames 1.1, adds the ability to apply frames in both portrait and landscape modes. Read More

NEWS JUNE 07, 2001
Sony To Ship 4.1 Megapixel, $800 Camera
DSC-S85 offers 14-bit A/D conversion

Sony today announced a new point and shoot model in its line of DSC digital cameras. The DSC-S85 is a 4.1 megapixel that's expected to ship in August for $800. Read More

NEWS JUNE 08, 2001
Toon Boom Studio OS X Public Beta Launches
Company sponsors animation contest during beta period

Toon Boom Technologies has officially launched the public beta phase of Toon Boom Studio for Mac OS X. Toon Boom Studio is an animation system targeted especially for smaller animation houses and designers who publish in Flash format. Studio is the company's first product to be launched on the Mac platform. Read More

NEWS JUNE 06, 2001
Boris FX 6 Gets Natural Filters, New Compositing Tools
New Pro and Standard versions support multiprocessing Macs

Boston-based Artel Software has released version 6.0 of Boris FX, a 2D and 3D compositing tool for non-linear editors. The company calls version 6 a major upgrade to the application. It adds new compositing tools, audio import and playback and lighting and natural effects. Read More

NEWS JUNE 06, 2001
LiveStage Pro Gets Flash 4, QuickTime 5 Support
New version gains cross-platform support

Totally Hip Software has released LiveStage Professional 3, a QuickTime authoring environment suite supporting the release of QuickTime 5. LiveStage Professional 3 is an environment for creating interactive QuickTime movies and video for the Internet, CD-ROM or DVD. In addition to supporting QuickTime 5, the new version also supports Flash 4, XML, database communications and component downloading. Read More

NEWS JUNE 05, 2001
Amadeus II Gets Update
Audio editor gets new features, carbonization

Martin Hairer today announces the release of Amadeus II v3.2, a disk-based visual waveform audio file editing and analyzing application for the Mac. The new version, which supports MP3 files, has been carbonized to run on both OS 9 and OS X. Read More

NEWS JUNE 05, 2001
Apple, Microsoft and Intel Lead 1394 Trade Association's Developers' Conference

Apple Computer, Microsoft and Intel will sponsor this year's 1394 Developers' Conference, scheduled for July 31-Aug 2 at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond, Wash., the 1394 Trade Association announced today. Read More

NEWS JUNE 05, 2001
Olympus Announces D-370 Digital Camera
1.3 megapixel model streets for $200

Olympus America today announced the D-370 digital camera, a new model based on the D-360L. The D-370 comes with a newly developed long-life battery circuit allowing hundreds of shots in normal operation with 4 AA alkaline batteries (while using the LCD display and flash 50 percent of the time), according to Olympus. Read More

NEWS JUNE 05, 2001
InFocus Announces 5-lb. LCD XGA Projector
1100 lumens for Under $4,000

InFocus Corporation announced the LP290 - an LCD, XGA projector with 1100 ANSI lumens. Estimated street price is $3,999. Read More

NEWS JUNE 05, 2001
Eizo Ships 16-Inch Flat Panel
SXGA model has 0.248 mm pixel pitch

Eizo Nanao today started shipping the FlexScan L461 16-inch LCD monitor. The new 16-inch FlexScan has a resolution of 1,280x1,024) and a pixel pitch of 0.248 mm for sharper text and more precise liner geometry. This is the only 16-inch LCD currently shipping. Read More

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