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Maker: CValley
Price: $129
Platforms: Macintosh
Demo Available: Yes
URL: http://www.cvalley

Overall Impression: Like its predecessor, FILTERiT 3, version 4 offers amazing tools for manipulating objects in Adobe Illustrator. The new version adds even more powerful features, including 3D transformations, for what has to be considered the final, ultimate set of filters available anywhere. I honestly don't know what they could possibly add for a version 5 release.

Key Benefits: The new 3D transformation capability is completely cool. You can take any object and manipulate it in 3D space, and watch the progress as you go. Live effects are also terrific, allowing you to manipulate objects, including regular text, while maintaining editability. Finally, the dozens of vector manipulation tools make Illustrator behave almost like a paint program, but keeping all the advantages of vectors.

Disappointments: None. This set of filters has it all: tons of effects, innovative tools and a price point that comes in way below what you ought to be paying for this.

Recommendation: Strong Buy


REVIEW MAY 2 , 2001

CValley FILTERiT 4
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Finally we get to the Metabrush tool. This is a serious piece of work. Rather than tweaking an object, it takes a selected abject and allows you to use it as a brush. More than this, it offers a tremendous amount of control over how the brush is applied.

Above you see a screen shot of the Metabrush palette, which is automatically called up when you select the tool. With it, you can set the fade of the brush and apply various parameters for setting size, spacing, shear, color, etc. You can set tablet pressure, speed or direction to control all of these parameters. And you can reverse them and throw in some randomness to boot.

The bottom line
Man, this thing is great. You can see the results in several of the examples I've created for this review, but to appreciate FILTERiT 4 fully, you really need to see it in action. I hope to have a QuickTime demonstration of this product up within the next month because the way this thing works is just so fluid and simple that it makes the process of creating images in Illustrator enjoyable. You get a ton of effects. You get a bunch of live effects. And you get 3D transformations, along with support for Illustrator 9's transparency. All of this for $129. It's so clean and so well implemented that you have to wonder how they can sell it for so little. My recommendation is an immediate strong buy. Get it while you can. One day these people are going to realize what they have and start selling it for much more.

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