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Setting up ScreamerNet II for the Mac

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Node setup
Thankfully, once you've gone through all the initial setup on your host machine, getting the 'Nodes' to run properly is extremely easy. Below is the connection setup for my 'Nodes'.

Fig4.1 The three Nodes connected to the host, which contains each Node's own folder full of relevant files. These can be found in Newtek -> Programs.

The same process will apply to each 'Node' on your network, so we'll just look at getting 'Node2' started.

1. Go to the first Node machine

This is where you get fit, especially if you work in a large office. You need to go to the machine which you've designated to be 'Node2'. From that machine, access your 'Host's' hard disk from across the network. This is usually done through the Chooser.

Once you've brought up the Host on your Node's monitor screen, navigate your way through its content until you find the folder "LWSN_node2" or your own equivalent. The path to this on my computer is shown below:


Inside this folder should be a copy of the application "LWSN". Run this application from the 'Node' and hopefully LWSN will begin running and a window will appear showing the text: "LightWave command: init" written continuously down the screen.

That's it! This machine is waiting to render. Repeat this step for each node and its own copy of LWSN. You're very nearly there.

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David now works happily as a freelance 3D artist and visualiser in the UK. As a music graduate and all round Bon viveur, his breadth of creative and technical skills have turned him into an unusually well rounded individual for one who never gets out into the light of day anymore. He can be reached at [email protected]. Visit his site at http://www.todman.dircon.co.uk.

This article was reprinted with the permission of the author.