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Setting up ScreamerNet II for the Mac

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ScreamerNet concepts
Since Lightwave v6.5 ScreamerNet has changed the way it operates significantly for the better (in my opinion). So, whether you are completely new to ScreamNet or have only used previous versions, this section is worth a read.

• The program LWSN is the basis for network rendering using Lightwave. You cannot simply do it from within Lightwave Layout. LWSN relies on information from two sources other than itself:

1. Lightwave Layout Preferences, which we will alter from within Layout.
2. LWSN's Commandline file which contains a simple but vital line of code. This file can be found in: Newtek -> Programs. It's a text file called "LWSN cmdline"

Fig2.1 The application LWSN relies on information from the files "LWSN cmdline" and Lightwave's preference file which we'll alter from within Lightwave.

As of the 6.5 version of ScreamerNet, no software needs to be installed on any of the 'Node' machines. It can all be achieved by accessing the 'Host' programs from across the network (hence the need to enable Program Linking). After some fiddling around to get the above files correctly formatted, this makes things a whole lot simpler and more reliable.

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David now works happily as a freelance 3D artist and visualiser in the UK. As a music graduate and all round Bon viveur, his breadth of creative and technical skills have turned him into an unusually well rounded individual for one who never gets out into the light of day anymore. He can be reached at [email protected]. Visit his site at http://www.todman.dircon.co.uk.

This article was reprinted with the permission of the author.