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Setting Up ScreamerNet II for the Mac

A guide to networking LightWave 6.5

by David Todman
Special to Creative Mac
[email protected]

On the grapevine, I have heard that there isn't a known tutorial about using ScreamerNet II on a Macintosh version of Lightwave 6.5. Having some experience with this, I thought it only right to create one, as it must be one of the most asked about questions on Lightwave discussion groups around the Internet.

For the purposes of clarity, this tutorial deals with a basic Macintosh network, consisting of a single 'Host' machine and three connected 'Node' machines. It is assumed that you have already managed to get your 'Nodes' communicating with your 'Host' machine via Appletalk, something that can be tested via Appleshare, which can be found from within the Chooser.

Mac OS 9.0.4 was used when writing this tutorial. The location and names of Control Panels may be different for different OS versions. I have not yet tested this at all on Mac OS X.

Fig1.1 This is the setup used for the tutorial. Exactly the same principals would apply to a network using more or less "Nodes."

I will be working with a fictitious project called 'the-worm'. My content folder for this project is located within my hard disk called 'DavidT", inside a folder called "**PROJECTS."


• Program Linking

• The 'Host' machine will need to have program linking enabled. The reasons for this will become clearer later. 'Program Linking' can be activated via the 'File Sharing' control panel under 'Users and Groups'.

File Sharing -> Users and Groups

• At the top of the list of users should be the identity of the 'Host' machine. Double click this entry.

• Another window will open showing the 'Identity' of the machine. Under the dropdown menu located at the top of the window, select 'Sharing'.

• Now, at the bottom of the 'Sharing' window should be a box marked 'Allow users to link to programs on this computer'. If it isn't done already, check this box and close the 'File Sharing' control panel.

Now you are ready to begin!

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David now works happily as a freelance 3D artist and visualiser in the UK. As a music graduate and all round Bon viveur, his breadth of creative and technical skills have turned him into an unusually well rounded individual for one who never gets out into the light of day anymore. He can be reached at [email protected]. Visit his site at http://www.todman.dircon.co.uk.

This article was reprinted with the permission of the author.