NEWS APRIL 30, 2001
Kensington Turbo Mouse Pro Supports OS X
Company also intros portable light for PowerBooks

Kensington today announced support for OS X with its Turbo Mouse Pro trackball. According to a release from the company, the trackball will now work with current USB-enabled Macintosh operating systems from OS 8.1 through OS X. Read More

NEWS APRIL 30, 2001
New Ceres Offers Illustrator Plugins for Mac
MagiSign 1.2 released; SignofNCS now free

New Ceres Solutions, a software developer based in Ottignies Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, today released version 1.2 of NCS MagiSign, a collection of plugins for Adobe Illustrator 8 and 9 for the Macintosh. The company also announced that its older set of plugins, SignofNCS, is now available for free as a download from the company's Web site. SignofNCS is a package of plugins for Adobe Illustrator 5.0 through 7.0. Both packages are targeted toward the sign making and screen printing markets. Read More

NEWS APRIL 30, 2001
HP Offers Wireless Print Server for Mac
Server allows multiple users to access printers

Hewlett-Packard Co. today unveiled a high-bandwidth, wireless printing device—the HP Wireless Print Server WP100—for the Macintosh. The new server uses Apple's AirPort technology to allow wireless printing at distances up to 100 feet from a desktop computer. Read More

NEWS APRIL 27, 2001
Toshiba Takes Its Turn at Microportables with a New 3-Pounder
New model sports XGA resolution; 1,100 ANSI lumens

Toshiba has introduced the TDP-P4, a 3.1 pound DLP projector, which is expected to ship at the end of this month. The footprint of the TDP-P4 is roughly equal to that of a date book (7.6 x 9.0 x 2.6), and it has 1,100 ANSI lumens, XGA resolution (1,024 x 768), a Digital Visual Interface connectivity and full multimedia capabilities. The projector is for both Windows and Macintosh and has inputs for HDTV, DVD players, video camcorders and gaming consoles. Read More

NEWS APRIL 25, 2001
Sonic Releases Studio HD 1.6
192 kHz surround sound editing/mixing system gets workflow, output enhancements

Sonic Solutions, based in Marin County, Calif., has released SonicStudio HD 1.6, an application for premastering audio content on Sonic's SonicStudio HD workstations. SonicStudio HD workstations feature support for multi-channel sampling rates up to 192 kHz, surround sound mixing and an editing interface. Read More

NEWS APRIL 24, 2001
Brief: Media 100 i To Support OS X
Company expects compatibility later this year

Media 100 has announced that its Media 100 i non-linear editing systems will support Mac OS X. Read More

NEWS APRIL 24, 2001
Macromedia Director 8.5 Ships Early
New version sports 3D capabilities

Macromedia today started shipping version 8.5 of Director, its interactive authoring environment for creating presentations and interactive applications for CD and the Web. The new version, which was not supposed to have shipped until May, includes the ability to create interactive 3D presentations on the Web through technology jointly developed with Intel. Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio also includes a new version of the Shockwave Multiuser Server and support for both Macromedia Flash 5 and streaming RealMedia content. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
Commotion Pro 4.0 Coming in June
Pinnacle's compositing app gets speed tweaks

Pinnacle Systems, based in Mountain View, Calif., today announced Commotion 4.0, a paint, compositing and effects application designed for independent filmmakers and non-linear editors. According to Pinnacle, the new Commotion 4.0 offers major speed improvements to the product's paint and compositing functions, as well as new features designed to simplify the visual effects creation process. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
After Effects 5 Gets ICEd
Two new boards accelerate AE 5 on the Mac

Media 100 Inc., based in Marlboro, Mass., is delivering a boost for After Effects 5 users. The company, which acquired all of the technological assets of ICE last summer, has released two accelerator boards called Media 100 ICE and ICE Ultra, both based on Media 100's new BlueIce 166 acceleration engine. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
Apple Ships QuickTime 5
QuickTime Streaming Server 3 also announced

Following three preview releases and a delay of several months, Apple has started shipping the full release version of QuickTime 5. At the NAB convention in Las Vegas this month, the company is also demonstrating a version of QuickTime with full support for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. The company also announced it will start shipping QuickTime Streaming Server 3 in next month. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
Cleaner 5 Goes High-Volume
Cleaner XL offers ICE acceleration

Media 100 Inc., based in Marlboro, Mass., has announced Cleaner XL, an accelerated media processing system designed to speed up the process of encoding streaming media content. Built on the Cleaner 5 streaming media processing engine, Cleaner XL is geared more for high-volume streaming media production environments that require the ability to create high quality streaming media content in multiple streaming formats and at multiple data rates. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
LaCie To Ship DVD-R/CD-RW FireWire Drive
External drive runs $999

LaCie Ltd., Hillsboro, Ore., says it will ship a combination DVD-R and CD-RW drive this June. It will be available in both SCSI-3 and FireWire configurations LaCie will begin shipping the new drive in June. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
Media 100 Intros Lossless Codec for Media 100 i
Version 7.5 gets better performance, available in four configurations

Media 100 Inc., based in Marlboro, Mass., has announced version 7.5 of its Media 100 i line of Macintosh-based video capture and editing systems. The new version offers an entirely new codec for lossless video quality, according to the company. This new codec, says Media 100, enables users to maintain superior image quality with extremely high data efficiencies throughout the entire digital media workflow, including data acquisition, editing, designing effects and delivering to multiple broadcast mediums, including the Internet. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
Media 100 Supports DVD Studio Pro with Real-Time Encoding
MediaPress encoder also gets SDI capture

Media 100 Inc., based in Marlboro, Mass., has announced two new real-time MPEG-2 encoding system for the Macintosh—MediaPress Pro and MediaPress Pro SDI. Media Press Pro SDI is the first real-time MPEG-2 encoding system with SDI data acquisition capabilities for the Mac platform. Additionally, MediaPress Pro SDI has been endorsed by Apple Computer for use with DVD Studio Pro, according to Media 100. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
Boris FX Ships RED 2.0
Compositing and titling app gets Flash support, new vector painting and rotoscoping tools

Boris FX, headquartered in Boston, has started shipping RED 2.0, an update to its compositing and titling application. The new version offers several major feature additions, including integrated vector animation tools (paint, rotoscoping and spline-based text); motion tracking and image stabilization; project window and render queue; and the new RED Engine for standalone effects creation and rendering to QuickTime, AVI, and Flash (.SWF) formats. Read More

NEWS APRIL 23, 2001
Kaydara FiLMBOX 3 Coming in July
New version supports Mac OS X

Kaydara Inc., Montreal, Quebec, has announced a July ship date for FiLMBOX 3.0, its real-time 3D content authoring and delivery tool. Kaydara says the new version gets a completely revamped workflow, character engine and animation tools. It's also the first release of FiLMBOX that will support the Macintosh (Mac OS X only). Read More

NEWS APRIL 21, 2001
Apple Computer Acquires Focal Point Systems
Makers of the FilmLogic software tool acquired for undisclosed sum

Focal Point Systems, Inc. announced today that it has been acquired by Apple Computer. No other information on the acquisition was released by either of the companies. Focal Point Systems is the maker of FilmLogic, a QuickTime-based film tool the company targets to independent filmmakers, that enables film in 16mm or 35mm format to be edited electronically on the Mac while the software keeps your code book and produces an accurate negative cut list. Read More

NEWS APRIL 20, 2001
Andromeda To Ship Perspective Filter
Photoshop plugin adds depth effects to 2D images

Andromeda Software, Westlake Village, Calif., will begin shipping a new plugin for Adobe Photoshop and compatible applications. The plugin, called Andromeda Perspective Filter, is designed to add the illusion of depth to 2D images. Read More

NEWS APRIL 19, 2001
Aurora To Release Igniter RT
Real-time card to support Premiere, Final Cut Pro

Aurora Video Systems today announced it will begin shipping a real-time upgrade for its Igniter line of video capture and editing boards. Igniter RT, expected early this summer, will support Final Cut Pro 2.0 and Adobe Premiere 6.0 using QuickTime 5's real-time capabilities. Read More

NEWS APRIL 18, 2001
Apple Back to Profitability: $43 Million
751,000 Macs sold in last quarter; revenues down

Apple has released its financial results for its second fiscal quarter, ended March 31. The following information comes from a prepared statement issued by the company today. Read More

NEWS APRIL 18, 2001
Auto-des-sys Announces Form-Z 3.8
New version increases parametric functionality, adds subdivision surfaces

Auto-des-sys will show off Form-Z 3.8 at next week's NAB convention in Las Vegas. Form-Z is a 3D modeling package, the latest version of which will add new parametric capabilities that were previously slated for a 4.0 release. (Version 3.8 is expected to be the last 3.x release before 4.0 debuts.) Read More

NEWS APRIL 18, 2001
Focus To Debut Direct Camera to Disk Device
Videonics FireStore turns FireWire hard drives into digital VTRs

Focus Enhancements next week will debut a new device that takes DV footage directly from a video camcorder and stores it on a FireWire hard drive. The Videonics FireStore is the first DV device that allows direct, camera to hard disk recording of computer-ready digital video (DV) files without the use of a computer. Read More

NEWS APRIL 18, 2001
LaCie To Unveil FireWire Hard Drives
Systems achieve 35 MB per second sustained transfers

LaCie will unveil a new line of external FireWire hard drives at next week's NAB convention in Las Vegas. The company says the drives, available in capacities up to 75 GB, double the performance of lower-cost ATAPI drives with sustained transfer speeds of 35 MB per second and bursts of 45 MB per second. Read More

NEWS APRIL 18, 2001
Mac Group To Hold Free CAD/Design Seminar
New York event looks at Form-Z, ARTlantis

Mac 3D NY, the 3D Artist Association of the Mac OS, will hold a free seminar May 2 in New York's Apple Design Center focusing on the Mac as a 3D design platform for industrial design applications. The event will demonstrate two software products, show off Mac architecture resources and give a tutorial. Read More

NEWS APRIL 18, 2001
Eizo Intros 16" Flat Panel
Monitor has 0.248 mm dot pitch

Eizo Nanao Technologies, Cypress, Calif., has announced its new FlexScan L461 16 inch LCD display. The new model will become the only SXGA-resolution (1,280 x 1,024) 16 inch LCD on the market, offering about 60 percent more data viewing than standard 15 inch LCDs. Read More

NEWS APRIL 17, 2001
Epson Intros Stylus Photo 785EPX
2,880 DPI model supports direct printing from digital camera media

Epson today introduced the Stylus Photo 785EPX, a 2,880 x 720 DPI inkjet developed for use with digital cameras. Without being connected to a computer, it can read and print from CompactFlash Type I and II, IBM Microdrive, Memory Stick, Secure Digital and SmartMedia cards. The printer comes standard with a CompactFlash Type I adapter that can be exchanged through Epson for either a Memory Stick or SmartMedia adapter. (The adapters fit in a PC Card slot.) Read More

NEWS APRIL 16, 2001
Automatic Duck Ships Avid OMF Importer for After Effects 5
Plugin reconstructs OMF projects in the AE timeline

Software developer Automatic Duck, Seattle, has started shipping OMF Composition Import, a plugin for Adobe After Effects 5. OMF Composition Import allows users to bring Avid OMF projects into After Effects automatically. It has been released first for the Macintosh, and a Windows version will follow as soon as possible, according to Wes Plate, president of Automatic Duck. Read More

NEWS APRIL 16, 2001
NEC Ships 'Go!' Series Projector
New model with DVI-I interface weighs in at 4.9 pounds

NEC today announced a new model in its line of Go! Series microportable projectors. The new projector, the LT156, is a 4.9 pound model with a DVI-I interface. The LT156 includes all of the features of NEC's LT155 model while upgrading the analog input to a DVI-I input, which enables the transmission of both analog and digital signals. Read More

NEWS APRIL 16, 2001
Hitachi Debuts Three LCD Projectors at NAB

Hitachi America today announced its first LCD XGA micro-portable projector and two LCD projectors featuring progressive scan technology. Read More

NEWS APRIL 13, 2001
Quark Previews Active Publishing Server
On demand system built upon QuarkXPress 5

At the Seybold convention in Boston this week, Quark introduced a new on demand publishing tool called QuarkAPS, or Quark Active Publishing Server. QuarkAPS is a server technology built upon QuarkDMS and the forthcoming 5.0 release of QuarkXPress. Read More

NEWS APRIL 13, 2001
Contour Releases More Presets for ShuttlePro
Shuttle/jog now supports audio applications, image editors, video plugins

Contour Design has released a second set of presets for ShuttlePro. ShuttlePro is Contour's low-cost, USB-based shuttle/jog controller for the Macintosh. New settings for the device include Media100 i (an additional set), Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and 6.0, Illustrator 8, Acrobat Reader 4, Apple iMovie and iMovie 2 and finally Steinberg Cubase VST/32 5.0. Read More

NEWS APRIL 11, 2001
CreoScitex Launches New Publishing Tools
New products focus on PDF technologies and large-format photography

CreoScitex has announced four new prepress and publishing tools at the Seybold convention going on right now in Boston, including a new version of InSite, the company's prepress Internet portal. The new version of InSite allows print buyers to submit complete print jobs to the printer over the Internet, perform interactive remote proofing and collaborate online using the Smart Review and Team Review technologies. It all runs off a Web browser. Read More

NEWS APRIL 11, 2001
VFZoom Offers Image Scaling for Photoshop
Company promises 1,200 percent scaling with no loss of quality

VFZoom has started shipping VFZ Photoshop, a Photoshop plugin for Macintosh and Windows designed to scale images. The company claims the technology can scale VFZoom images 5 percent to 1,200 percent without any loss in quality. Read More

NEWS APRIL 11, 2001
Harlequin Demos Motorola-Based RIP for HP
Are embedded RIPs the future of high-end printing?

Harlequin has unveiled the first demonstration of technology developed through its alliance with Motorola. The goal of the alliance, which was announced in late February at the On Demand Printing and Publishing Expo, is to help provide high-end embedded raster image processing (RIP) solutions for driving mid-range to high-end multi-function peripherals, copiers and printers, large-format printers, digital printing systems and digital servers. Read More

NEWS APRIL 10, 2001
Toon Boom To Support OS X
Animation studio targeted for the Web

Toon Boom Technologies today released details of its forthcoming animation system for Mac and Windows. Toon Boom Studio 1.0, which will be released shortly after the second quarter of this year, is a 2D package geared toward creating Web animations, deriving its features from Toon Boom's higher-end products. Read More

NEWS APRIL 10, 2001
Macromedia Director 8.5 Goes 3D
New version allows for interactive Shockwave 3D on the Web

Macromedia today announced version 8.5 of Director, its interactive authoring environment for creating presentations and interactive applications for CD and the Web. The new version, set to ship in May, will include the ability to create interactive 3D presentations on the Web through technology jointly developed with Intel. Macromedia Director 8.5 Shockwave Studio also includes a new version of the Shockwave Multiuser Server and support for both Macromedia Flash 5 and streaming RealMedia content. Read More

NEWS APRIL 10, 2001
Swift3D Coming to LightWave
Flash export available for Mac and Windows versions

Electric Rain will release Swift 3D as a plugin for NewTek LightWave for both Mac and Windows. (It's still available as a stand-alone application.) Swift 3D is a vector rendering technology that allows 3D content to be exported to the Flash (SWF) format, as well as other types of vector-based formats. It has also been released as a plugin to discreet's 3ds max. Read More

NEWS APRIL 10, 2001
WoodWing Updates Smart Styles, Intros Smart Connection
Software supports Adobe InDesign, InCopy

WoodWing Software has introduced a new software package for Adobe InCopy and updated its SmartStyles plugin for Adobe InDesign. Smart Styles is a plugin for InDesign that allows designers to format text on a page, including complex layouts, with a single click. Smart Connection is a workflow enhancement tool for InCopy. Read More

NEWS APRIL 10, 2001
Sapphire Releases 19 Plugin and Pattern Sets
New patches for Painter, filters for Photoshop, patterns for Paint Shop Pro

Sapphire Innovations has gone over the deep end and released 19 sets of various plugins, filters and addons for Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Photo-Paint and Painter. Read More

NEWS APRIL 10, 2001
PowerFile Intros Personal DVD/CD Jukebox
FireWire device holds 200 discs

PowerFile, a developer of near-line storage products, today launched the PowerFile Solo, a single-drive, 200-disc DVD/CD jukebox. The Solo allows users with large quantities of CD and DVD-based media to store and access optical discs from one centralized jukebox on the desktop. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
Adobe Ships After Effects 5
New version gets 3D compositing

Adobe today announced it has started shipping After Effects 5, a major upgrade to its compositing software. The new version includes dramatic changes from AE 4.1, though the changes are designed to remain in the background until the user chooses to employ them. Chief among these changes is 3D compositing—the ability to manipulate layers and layer data in 3D, including layer intersections, for adding shadows and other effects. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
Monaco Ships EZcolor 2
ICC color profiler gets more control and functionality

Monaco Systems today announced an all-new version of its color management application, MonacoEZcolor. MonacoEZcolor 2 will build upon the earlier version by offering more control and functionality, according to the company. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
Adobe Ships New Streaming Media Collections
New offerings led by After Effects 5

Adobe today introduced two new product collections for streaming media professionals. The two new collections both include After Effects 5, the latest version of Adobe's compositing application for digital video. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
New Plugins Support After Effects 5
Third-party tools enhance workflow, create effects

With the release of Adobe After Effects 5 today, several third-party developers have announced plugins that support the new application. These range from products designed to improve workflow to special effects to text tools. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
Canon Debuts S600 Bubble Jet
USB printer offers 2,400 x 1,200 DPI

Canon USA announced today its S600 Bubble Jet printer targeted for the mid-range ink jet printing market. The S600 offers high-resolution four-color printing at 2,400 x 1,200 DPI and produces laser-quality text at up to 15 pages per minute, as well as 8 inch x 10 inch photos on plain paper in approximately 90 seconds. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
Fuji Ships FinePix Cameras
New models for high-end and first-time photographers

Fuji Photo Film USA today announced the first shipments of the two newest additions to its FinePix digital camera line—the FinePix 6800 Zoom and the FinePix 2300. The 2300 addresses the entry-level market, while the 6800 is geared more toward professional users. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
ColorSpan Intros High-Speed, 12-Head Inkjet
Printer handles 400 square feet per hour

MacDermid ColorSpan has announced its new highest-speed wide-format color inkjet printer, the DisplayMaker Mach 12. According to the company, the printer can output 400 square feet per hour at True sellable quality. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
GretagMacbeth Releases Eye-One Color Management Tools
New USB systems supports all devices; OS X version coming in June

GretagMacbeth, a developer of color measurement and management tools, today introduced the Eye-One, a system that includes both software and a measurement device for the creation, communication and management of color. The Eye-One system is designed to ensure consistent color reproduction across a wide range of media. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
Extensis Updates Preflight Online
Automated file delivery option added

Extensis today announced that it has integrated FTP file delivery into Extensis Preflight Online, its online preflighting service. The new file transfer features, available immediately to all Preflight Online subscribers, make it possible for users to preflight, collect and compress all the files needed for a print job and then send them directly to their printer, service bureau or publisher using only a Web browser. Read More

NEWS APRIL 09, 2001
Adobe Ships Acrobat 5
New version has tighter Web integration

Adobe today announced the immediate availability of Acrobat 5.0, its PDF publishing system. According to Adobe, the new version offers numerous enhancements, including tighter Web integration, support for standards like Open DataBase Connectivity (ODBC) that connect Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) forms with back-end databases and easier data exchange in Adobe PDF files through support for XML. Read More

NEWS APRIL 06, 2001
Total Training Launches Photoshop Series
New training tapes focus on Web graphics

Total Training has released a new series of training tapes for Adobe Photoshop focusing exclusively on the creation and editing of Web Graphics. This is the second set of tapes for Photoshop 6 released by the company. The first one is a more inclusive set covering a broader range of topics. Read More

NEWS APRIL 05, 2001
LaCie To Ship 16x Combo USB/FireWire CD-RW
New model writes CDs at 140 MB per minute

LaCie will unveil a new CD-RW drive at the Seybold Boston convention this week. The new drive offers both USB and FireWire connectivity, as well as 16x write speeds, 10x rewrite speeds and 40x read speeds. (A SCSI 3 option will also be available.) Read More

NEWS APRIL 05, 2001
Kaydara FiLMBOX Coming to OS X
New version adds workflow enhancements, improved character animation

Kaydara has announced it will unveil FiLMBOX version 3.0 at NAB 2001. FiLMBOX is a system for acquiring, authoring and delivering digital content in real time for film, TV, games and the Web. It provides a streamlined workflow where 2D and 3D graphics, video, and audio are integrated into one unified pipeline. And, for the first time, it will support the Macintosh—specifically OS X. Read More

NEWS APRIL 04, 2001
Epson To Ship Wide-Format Stylus Pro 10000
New model six times faster than predecessors

Epson has announced to ship what it calls the most powerful printer to date to feature the Epson logo. The new model, the 44-inch wide-format Stylus Pro 10000, offers faster speeds, better images and more durable output, according to the company. Read More

NEWS APRIL 03, 2001
Kodak Offers Tradein on Thermal Printers
New models sport more options, faster printing

Kodak has launched a new promotion offering money back for customers who purchase a new thermal printer and trade in their old. The deal applies to purchases of the new Kodak Professional 8660 or 8670 PS thermal printers. Printer that qualify for the tradein include the Digital Science 8600, 8400 PS or 8650 or the Professional 8657. The tradein value of these printers is $1,250. Read More

NEWS APRIL 03, 2001
Electric Image Offers Deal on Amorphium Pro
3D suite gets new pricing, special offer

Electric Image has begun offering new pricing and a special promotion on its Amorphium Pro software package. Amorphium pro is a 3D modeling and animation suite for designers in print and on the Web, offering output in a number of high-resolution formats, as well as Flash and PNG. The new pricing brings Amorphium Pro down to $249 for both Mac and Windows versions. Read More

NEWS APRIL 02, 2001
Toast 5 Titanium Supports Burning to Multiple Drives
New version also supports DVD-R, background burning

Roxio, the software division of Adaptec, has started shipping Toast 5 Titanium, the latest release of the company's CD authoring software. The nbew version offers a number of new features, including the ability to burn to multiple drives simultaneously, support for DVD-R media and Video CDs and burning directly from iTunes on the Mac. It also has the ability to burn CDs in the background and has automatic MPEG encoding capabilities. Read More

NEWS APRIL 02, 2001
Sony Ships Battery-Operated Portable CD-RW
USB-based Digital Relay weighs in at 11.9 ounces

Sony has started shipping a portable CD-RW drive that's powered by batteries and can also act as a standalone CD and MP3 player. The new Digital Relay drive uses a USB interface to connect to Macs (and Windows machines) and weighs in at 11.9 ounces without battery, 15.2 ounces with. Read More

NEWS APRIL 02, 2001
Iomega Ships FireWire CD-RW
Predator offers 8x write, 4x rewrite

Iomega has started shipping its new Predator CD-RW drive with FireWire connectivity. The new drive offers write speeds of 8x, rewrite speeds of 4x and read speeds of 32x. The write speed is double that of its USB drive, and the read speed is about five times as fast. Read More

NEWS APRIL 02, 2001
FreeHand 10 Coming to Mac, Mac OS X and Windows Concurrently
New version in beta, set to ship in May with special pricing on Flash Freehand Studio

Macromedia has announced that it will release the next version of its vector illustration tool, FreeHand 10, for Mac, Mac OS X and Windows concurrently. This makes FreeHand 10 not only the first professional vector illustration program for OS X but also the first application to be released for all three systems at once. Read More

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