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NEWS MARCH 28, 2001
Microsoft Releases Windows Media Player 7 for Mac
New version supports digital rights management

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Microsoft today released version 7 of its Windows Media Player for Macintosh. The new player supports digital rights management and the newest Microsoft codecs, including Windows Media Audio and Video 8, which were also released today.

The Windows Media Audio and Video 8 codecs provide near-DVD-quality video at rates as low as 500 Kbps, near-VHS-quality video at rates as low as 250 Kbps, CD-quality audio at 64 Kbps and near-CD-quality sound at 48 Kbps, about one-third the file size of MP3, according to Microsoft. In addition, Microsoft says the new player is more stable than previous releases.

The new player can be downloaded from http://windowsmedia.com.

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