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NEWS MARCH 12, 2001
VertiBevel 1.5 for LightWave Released on the Mac
Now available for 5.5 through 6.5

by Denise Harrison
[email protected]

Shekinah Studios has released the Mac version of VertiBevel 1.5, its modeling tool for LightWave 6.5. The single user price is $149.95.

Features include:

  • Group Beveling: Bevel multiple polygons as one;
  • Create multiple-step bevels in interactive curve designer;
  • Build one-stroke presets;
  • Add intricate micro-bevels for proper light reflections in renders;
  • Works with Subdivision Surfaces;
  • OpenGL accelerated;
  • New Larger resizable Interactive Bevel Designer;
  • Controllable from LScript;
  • Multiple Preset File capability;
  • Easier Network Administration;
  • Graphics Tablet support.
VertiBevel is available only as an e-mail purchase. (It's about 1.1 MB.) For more information, go to http://www.skstudios.com.

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