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NEWS MARCH 2, 2001
Media 100 Ships MPEG Charger, Audio:Box, CineStream
New tools target streaming audio and video

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Media 100 has started shipping three new Mac products targeted toward streaming media professionals in audio and video—CineStream, MPEG Charger and Audio:Box. Audio:Box, the company's new high-end audio encoding hardware/software suite, uses multiple G4s and PowerFile C200 CD/DVD jukeboxes, along with Cleaner 5 and a whole lot of AppleScripting, to pull audio files and metadata off CDs and DVDs and publish them to a streaming server. We have a separate story (CLICK HERE), including a QuickTime interview with Media 100's Jim Baker and footage of the new product.

CineStream is a software-based interactive streaming media authoring suite for Web developers and professional content creators. CineStream is the latest release of EditDV, a video editing application acquired from Digital Origin.

Media 100 CineStream uses several streaming media technologies developed by Media 100 that enable users to capture video content directly from digital video (DV) sources, edit video content, author interactive elements directly into the editing timeline and encode the final product in all major streaming media formats, including Windows Media, RealSystems, QuickTime and MPEG-1.

Included in the release of CineStream is EventStream, a technology Media 100 introduced last year in its high-end Media 100 i system and later adopted in Cleaner 5, the company's encoding and compression package. EventStream enables Web designers to embed interactive instructions directly into streaming media programs, including graphics, Flash animations and Java applications.

CineStream also includes a number of other features, including:

  • "Pan and Scan" capability for eliminating unwanted portions of video images
  • Pan, zoom and rotate with true perspective
  • >
  • Picture in picture with crop
  • Multiple composition support
  • On the fly, editable submaster creation
  • Chroma and Luma keyers
  • Unlimited titles with backgrounds and shadows, independent control of gradient colors and transparency, rotation and fill-with-video effects
  • Create, save and reuse effects and transitions
  • Unlimited keyframes of any parameter
  • Unlimited video and effects layers
  • 2D, 3D and keying effects for video layering
  • 200+ SMPTE standard and user-customized transitions.

CineStream requires a Power Mac (604 or higher; OS 8.6 or higher), 128 MB RAM, a CD-ROM drive and an available PCI slot. It costs $499. CineStream will be available to registered users of EditDV or MotoDV for $149.

MPEG Charger
Media 100 has also started shipping its accelerated MPEG-2 encoding solution for Cleaner 5—Cleaner MPEG Charger. This adds cross-platform MPEG-2 acceleration capabilities to Media 100's Cleaner 5 interactive streaming media authoring system, allowing media encoding professionals to create MPEG-2 content for DVD, Super Video CD, CD-ROM and digital media broadcasting.

Cleaner 5 MPEG Charger is a software-only MPEG accelerator that also adds new functionality for creating MPEG files through Cleaner. This includes variable bit rate encoding, customization of all aspects of the MPEG's settings and the ability to batch encode files. It's also accelerated for the G4's Velocity Engine.

Cleaner MPEG Charger is available now for $499. A similar tool, MPEG SuperCharger, which includes an MPEG accelerator board, is also available for $999.

For more information on all three products, visit http://www.media100.com.

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