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NEWS MARCH 14, 2001
Matrox Ships Mac Realtime Editing Card for Final Cut Pro 2
$999 card also offers dual-monitor support and dual-stream DV capture

by David Nagel
Executive Producer
[email protected]

Matrox has finally announced the release of its long-awaited RTMac realtime card for Final Cut Pro 2.0. The card had been announced last year at NAB and was expected in the third quarter of 2000, but delays in shipping a realtime version of Final Cut Pro caused the RTMac to be pushed back.

The RTMac, in addition to providing realtime effects, offers dual-stream DV capture and includes support for a second monitor via a G400 chip built onto the board. (The G400 chip had previously been available for Windows systems.)

Matrox RTMac

According to a release from Matrox, the card is currently shipping to resellers and distributors to fulfill order backlogs. It will be available in the "next few days," according to the release.

The "Matrox Flex 3D" architecture of RTMac exploits the graphics performance of Matrox's accelerator technology to provide broadcast-quality effects and 32-bit, uncompressed, animated graphics in a dual-stream, native-DV editing environment, according to Matrox.

The Matrox RTMac is optimized for Final Cut Pro 2.0 and includes Pixelan's OrganicFX Lite for a variety of transition effects. Using the RTMac breakout box, source material from analog devices can be digitized for use in DV editing projects. Finished projects can be recorded to videotape in real time for distribution. Full resolution viewing on an NTSC or PAL video monitor is supported without the need to connect a DV device to the Power Mac G4. As previously mentioned, dual-screen editing is also supported.

The Matrox RTMac is available for $999. For more information, visit http://www.matrox.com/video.

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